Besides the court order Shehbaz Sharif was blocked from the flying abroad


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There is still an issue is on trending that whether Shehbaz Sharif would be able to go abroad. 

So Lahore High Court today allowed Shehbaz limited permission to travel to UK/USA for a medical check-up in just 2 months.

This is true that after the scandal of Nawaz Sharif there is difficult to trust anyone who belongs to this family. So, Shehbaz Sharif was today blocked from flying to the UK by the top country inquiry agency. 

Though a topper court here authorized him to seek medical check-up abroad his party point-person says today. 

PML-N point-person Mariyam Aranzeb says that Shehbaz was not permitted to left the country after the FIA investigation placed his name on a person. 

which is not on the list and this is good thinking by the FIA by doing this all doing perfectly and no one doing such a cheap thing next.

As per the allowance of FIA for some reasons and proof Lahore High Court. Today allowed Shehbaz a conditional authorization to travel abroad for a medical check-up for only the next 2 months.

He was all put to join his banishment of his elder brother and former PM Nawaz Sharif in the UK. Because Nawaz Sharif is in the UK for a long time he is being treated as well.

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