During the protest, the National Assembly expanded the NAB Ordinance

During the protest, the National Assembly expanded the NAB Ordinance
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There are many rules and regulations in one’s country in which the country will begin to the path of development. So the very hard protest from the new opposition over an incomplete quorum. 

So the National Assembly yesterday expanded the recently demanded National Accountability Bureau. So by the eye of the 1999 ordinance for another more than four months and this is an important thing that is still now pending.

There is still noticed that when this case is opened then many of the oppositions are standing in front of it. So that’s why by an eye of it the opposition declared that NA Speaker Asad Qaisar had been authorized. 

With the passage of a resolution for a second extension of the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance as well. 

Besides the unpresent of quorum because all business of the lower house of companies should have been hanged well. So let’s see what happened next after clear the decision of NAB.

This is the fact that in the government housing scheme there is no issue of anything. But in a private housing scheme, there are many issues that the government handled very hardly. 

Because in private housing schemes there is only one or more businessman. So the problem of some private housing schemes is also coming under deep arguments. As lawmakers also said that Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society. 

Their worker Senate workers Housing scheme. The Supreme Court workers Housing scheme had been nothing to do with these organizations. Whose names had been also used to blast these schemes? 

Now, this is a very good thing is that they hold it only in the hand of the government. You know also very well that in China there are no private properties in this and it is also a developed country.

In this whole case, there is another Pakistan party that interface in it is PPP. Because her member Miss Shagufta said that when she and some others of her companions came to parliament about 18 years before. 

Then they had been infused in the Senate Housing scheme but some are left behind. Who got their investment refunded then their rigid earned money of many of these parliamentarians was proud. 

With the fate of the society still draping in the balance of all the things as well. Then it is noticed that it is an important thing that a well-managed businessman can do.

This is the fact that there is a long controversy about Jammu Kashmir. So when MNA Iqbal Ahmed protested about a big cheating in the Jammu Kashmir Housing scheme. Then the interior secretary said that NAB was looking into the case.

Then obviously the official said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government had not declared. Any No Objection Certificate to any of these housing schemes during its residence. 

This is good thinking no doubt but let’s see what happened next. Because this case is now more and more complex so might possible it takes too much time to solve.

In this all controversy there is another Pakistan party that interface in it that is the Pakistan Muslim League leader Mr. Ahsan Iqbal. 

He said that the government of Punjab had not been reinstated by local government companies for over about two months and who knows this true or not. 

Besides the Supreme Court orders now he also interrogated that the apex court takes good action. Against Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Usman Buzdar for his that it breaks the orders. 

So they are also have nothing and no one can give this big opportunity for development in business and many other benefits as well. 

As mentioned earlier the PML-N party does the interface in this case and they must do due to their leader. So before the start of the session, the PML-N lawmaker Sheikh Fayyaz-u-Uddin noted that. The quorum is only because of the short attendance of members. 

At that time in there. So the Speaker will then got the members present in the house added up.

So definitely be the first one besides there it was initiate that the quorum was uncomplete. He would be hanged the activities of the house until the fulfillment of the quorum as well and this is not right. 

You must be present on an exact date except for any other valid reasons otherwise we should be punctual person if we want to grow our country.

As mentioned earlier the Pakistan People Party would be trying to interface in this case so when the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad was given a resolution for expanding the NAB Ordinance. 

So the lawmaker of Pakistan People Party Mr. Sikandar pull out awareness of the chair regarding the shortage of quorum as well so there is still a problem that who is guilty and who is not but after some days the conclusion in front of all the people.

In all these discussions there one thing that happened that always commonly happening every time in these types of cases is that the Speaker would authorize the progress of the resolution to which the opposition obviously objection and then said too much about the defense. 

Now that let’s see what happened when this case would be finished and what happened after close it. In these situations, this is normal that every person to try to save and defend their leader as early as possible so just wait and watch what happened in this case.

You know very well that in the past there was five times violation in the constitution so this time also happened so lawmaker PML-N MR. Murtaza Javed said that this is the sixth times happen the violation is still occurring. 

Mr. Murtaza Javed was also obeyed as deputy speaker in recent years in the PML-N party. He further says that next time he will be not able to bear that violation.

In this hearing, there is a lot of violations occurred due to lack of members so as the duration of resolution passes the Speaker would again be ordered the counting of members that why are the members are not available. 

So when it was established again that the quorum was incomplete and that’s why this case consumes more time to solved and closed successfully. 

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