Haroon says that there could be severe restrictions on the football line

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Football is a very popular game mostly in Europe, but Pakistanis also like it. 

So today FIFA has convoked its Congress meeting as a mentor of the PFF Normalization Committee Haroon hesitate even a harder outcome. 

In case the Football House in Lahore is not giving up before the meeting but this is the fact that Pakistan gains less importance to football.

The head of football is FIFA so Haroon talks about some important issues. By this famous game on the mobile phone to FIFA Congress that take a chance to Pakistani football players. 

Haroon says that our football players are really good and never regret to anyone of you.

Football is not much a popular game in Pakistan so Haroon says that I worry even a harder opinion by FIFA.

If the Football House in Lahore is not be evaluated before the meeting. 

The FIFA Congress is initially scheduled to be placed in Japan but it will now be placed almost after 1 month. 

Pakistan football’s disaster comes under debate with updates on the new status of Football House. 

Developing an impasse will only lead to harder consent for Pakistan. So now this is also possible that this event will be held in Pakistan.

It is also heard that Haroon repeat his opinion during his effective meeting with Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination. 

Dr Fahmida Mirza and Pakistan Sports Board, Director General Asif Zaman. 

In this meeting, Haroon also says that football events should also be managed and placed in Pakistan for the morale of our young generation.

Haroon doing much effort into Pakistani football players. He says that I have been recommended that the ministry should play its vital role in getting evaluated the Football House. 

I have given my covenant that the Normalization Committee is critical in conducting good and fair elections. This is advised in the FIFA Constitution.

For this purpose, we need a good climate. where every stakeholder should come ahead and support us rather than creating nonessential difficulties in fulfilling our duties. 

The Football House was not energetically occupied, we would have a clear roadmap for holding PFF elections now it is very necessary. Because for doing this we will able to handle all the Football players.

As a head of Pakistani football, Haroon declared. That once the Normalization Committee recovers the control of Football House for making the next move in discussion with the stakeholders would not be harder. 

This is also a fact that when you trying to do something new then difficulties are in front of you.

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