In the case of Isa, the judges took longer than the government’s advice allowed

In the case of Isa, the judges took longer than the government's advice allowed
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Every country has its own rules and regulations and many peoples control it. But one man it is very important is that the Judge decide all the case of different kinds.
So In Islamabad Judges of the Supreme Court change all the harsh and bad words and one of them even left the courtroom as well. So as 3 of the judges explain the very variant over all the people allowing the government’s counsel ample as well.
This is now this time for defenses in Justice Qazi Faiz Isa’s case as well and this is very important to us that this case is solved as soon as possible. Because this is the case of a Judge and everyone knows the importance of this case so that’s why this case should be done as early as possible.
In courts, I think it is normal that the case should be done whether in front of a common man or a particular man. Means PM, MNA, MP, or a Judge so there is still one thing remember that there is another that has been solved before.
So the inappropriate episode would be taken place as well when the members of 10 bench. There are smart people in there as well and ahead by the Justice Umer Ataa Bandiaal.
He was hearing review appeals many filed in the cases as well. So let’s see what happened because it’s a really interesting case that it’s second happened in the history of Pakistan as well.
As mentioned earlier is that some years ago there is the same case that happened in Pakistan and it can be solved too much early so let’s see about this case.
Now according to the events when the government’s counsel Additional Attorney Mr. Rehman. He was describing at the length of the controlling reference filed against the sitting court judge as well.
So now the Justice Maqbool disturbed him and advised him to be explained due to the court had frequently asked Justice Isa. That his partner to conclude their defenses as soon as possible.
Due to the rarity of time so therefore now he too should not be taken too much time and this is a good thing. That if you waste time then time waste you and I wish this case should be done and solve early as soon as possible.
Now by solving this case of Justice Isa many of the hardships as well and this is true that. When a super solid case should be given in court then it must be harder to tackle that.
So this is also the case that is the case of the Judge that whether he was found guilty or not. So However Justice Mr. Muneeb asked Mr. Rehman to take too much time to conclude his defenses.
So this Justice Mr. Baqar showed unhappiness and reminded his fellow judge that it is disgusting to disorder to a senior judge. I am only anxious with the time-consuming he says and now it is an obvious thing that this is the solid case and it takes much time as well.
As mentioned earlier is that the Justice Isa says too much in the reply that Justice Mr. Akhtar replied that. There was no sprint because there is no race is in development here.
So Justice Mr. Baqar then explained the ahead of the bench of 10 members and Justice Mr. Bandial. He also says that Now that’s enough because I have not been disturbed, Justice Mr. Akhtar.
When he has said any remarks or any other thing and this is a good thing is that. You can’t interfere in anyone’s matters until he doesn’t involve you in that matter.
This is the fact that this case is a really serious and top-class case because the victim is a Judge as well. So however Justice Mr. Bandial authorized Justice Mr. Akhtar to point out some questions to the government’s counsel.
So Justice Mr. Baqar then identified out that whether the court had questioned Justice Mr. Isa several times to be the explanation that. If a party wants to extend the events and that is a very different matter.
But now all eyes and focus are on the Supreme Court as well so now let’s see what happened because the final decision was only of the Supreme Court.
This case is now more complex so that’s why there is must be taken a major step to Justice Mr. Baqar. Then asked Mr. Rahman to wind up his arguments as soon as possible. 
He further also advised that besides reading out the whole court judgment the council should provide the title of this case. All the present judges on that bench would be themselves read the decision.
He desired to cite as preference as well so that’s why I think this case should be done successfully as soon as possible because this case is about Judge and Judgment.
By an eye of this complexity of this case, someone must do strict action so Justice Mr. Sajjad Ali Shah said to the court that it should allocate the specific and proper time limit to add some more counselor general to conclude his defenses. 
He also alerts that the lawyer is still disturbed again and again so I will be the stand-up and must be to leave the court as well and no one can block me never.
This is the fact that if the leader is not interested in someone’s then the under his labor would be directed not interested because they have no option so that’s why Justice Mr. Baqar then says that I am also stand up and left court as well.
Besides this then, Mr. Rahman recommended that the court take a short break by hearing this Justice Mr. Baqar says a break would not be made the distinction and immediately got up and left the courtroom as well and this has happened because it seems clear.
Now let us see what happened because the public wants to know and everything.

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