Lack of personal protective equipment in dangering health workers around the world


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We are now surrounded by this pandemic of Covid. So the World Health Organization(WHO) has alert that harsh and go up an interruption to the worldwide supply of personal protective equipment. 

This caused by arising command, dread buying, store and misuse are putting lives at risk from the new covid and other contagious diseases as well. 

This is true that this disease is clean up many people in a day in the whole world as well. 

In this critical situation, there are one more important persons that are Healthcare workers. who depend on personal protective equipment to save themselves. 

And their patients as well from being effective and affecting others also. Because this is a contagious disease which is spread all over the world very instantly as.

This is such a dangerous disease that apply lockdown in the whole world so there is a shortage of everything. So shortages of everything are left doctors, nurses and other health workers as well.

Endanger sick equipped to care for Covid patients. Because of lacking access to supplies of many medical types of equipment. 

Such as aluminium gloves, surgical masks, ventilators, stares, face mask, fully covered clothes, and pinnies as well. These are all important things and plays a vital role in the cure of Covid.

It is very difficult for all the doctors, nurses and health workers to cure this disease of patients without reliable supply chains. That’s why this is the risk for healthcare workers around the world is more dangerous as well. 

Industry and administrations must be do something quickly to supply easy export all the limitations. And put some measures in place to stop prediction and storing. 

WHO Director-General says that we do not stop Covid without preserving health workers first. which is a good thing that our priority would be doctors, nurses and health workers as well. 

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