Mahur Shehzad going to Poland for Open 2021

Credits: Twitter

There are many people which are fond of different kinds of sports. So, Mahur Shehzad set to show Pakistan in the International Badminton tournament 2021 to get a vital Olympic points. 

This is very honouring to Pakistan that she is going for playing International Badminton tournament.

Poland has many beautiful grounds for Badminton. So Polish Badminton Association arranges the Polish International Badminton tournament 2021 in Poland. So stay tuned and watch the match for Mahur and her morale.

You know very well that this occasion is a part of the BEC Elite Circuit International Challenge Tournament. And of course a World Ranking Tournament and this exciting match also. Because our Pakistani player takes part in it.

Mahur Shehzad is a very good player of Badminton and she also wins 5 years national badminton champion. So Mahur is in the round of 32 where she is depressed against qualifier no.2 

But she tries hard and hard and now hopes. So that she wins International Badminton tournament this year.

Mahur has been going for Poland to play this amazing International tournament and her budget is about 15 thousand dollars. So you all keep praying for her because she is much talented and deserves this victory.

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