Minister of finance (Asad Umar) says that the number of vaccines has crossed over 2 lac in just 1 day in Pakistan

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You know that Covid is the worst day by day. So Federal Minister Asad Umar today says that the number of booking for the Covid vaccine has been rising obviously. 
As over 2 lac people got vaccinated against this Covid. we must also follow all the SOP’s if we want a proper normal life.
So now this is the age of social media so that’s why Asad Umar shared the news on his social media handle that there have been a large number of people have registered for vaccine it’s about more than 5 million people in about overall country. 
And that’s right because everybody wants to live happily and enjoy their life freely without any resistance.
This is the fact that this virus is generally attacked on old people whose age is around about 40 or above. So Asad Umar says that more people whose age is 40 or above, are vaccinated successfully. 
And now they must follow all SOPs for furthermore. Because safety is must be 1st priority and safety is best than cure.
China and Pakistan friends forever and these both are the best examples of friendship. So China gives us more and more vaccines. 
In these results, our 40 years old man and woman get successfully vaccinated as per rules and priority of this country.
So you all know very well that this world is now a digital world and no one can survive without digital things. Because it is very necessary for these days and in the future. 
So that’s why the federal government has introduced a digital portal for registration through which a code is allotted to the person. Then they can get the appointed vaccination centre to get it. 
After getting vaccinated they must follow the SOPs. Because it’s necessary and if you don’t care again you might be affected by this virus again.

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