Now Badminton championship will be held in Charsadda

Now Badminton championship will be held in Charsadda
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Sports are very important for our health so, today is the great news is that. The 58th National Badminton Championship 2021. It Will be held at the Abdul Wali Khan Sports Complex Stadium as soon as possible all the fans are really exciting to watch this amazing match.
Now this year the badminton championship will be held in KPK so KPK secretary sports tourism and culture, Abid Majid. Initiated the competitions which will continue for many days as per the decision of schedule. 
Above 400 male and female badminton athletes from all the 4 provinces Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir. Pak Army, Wapda, KRL, SNGPL, Pakistan Railways. The Higher Education Commission and National Bank of Pakistan are joining.
Now let’s see what happened because all the fans are very happy to see this tremendous match and this is a good thing is that people can interest in it.
This is the age of social media if anybody can talk with the whole country then it must use social media and other many sources so Abid Majid says to the media.
That there are many different types of tournaments and games that were being detained in KPK. Special thanks to better law and order situation as well without this we are all can’t do anything and now I am so happy.
Abid Majid further says a lot of much is that CM Mehmood Khan had declared 1 lac rupees for the winners. 50 thousand rupees for the 2nd one of different groups of the badminton championship as well. He says this is such a piece of big news for all players that he moralized very much after listening to these exciting prices. 

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