Now exciting Ramadan Hockey Festival reveal soon

Credits: Twitter


You know that hockey is the national sport of Pakistan in which Pakistani’s have participated with enthusiasm. And in the days to come, Pakistan will be able to put a lot of effort into this. 

The Hockey Club of Karachi (AL-SAGHIR) broadcasts the Ramadan Festival. The Karachi Hockey Festival was stopped for a long time but now the GC Club has announced the Ramadan Festival.

You all must know that the Pakistan hockey team has participated in the Olympics Championship 3 times.

All the players of the Pakistan hockey team are very passionate so that is why the Pakistan hockey team has reached here. The hockey team, coaches, corporate officers, and general counsellors all decided to hold a meeting. 

The meeting was attended by eighty players and some seniors.

The GC Club team used to help the players a lot earlier. And then the chairman of GC Club decided in the meeting that in this Holy Ramadan, we will be given Rs.25000 to the poor Hockey Players.

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