Prime Minister Imran Khan says it is impossible to create wealth without an industrial system

Prime Minister Imran Khan says it is impossible to create wealth without an industrial system
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This is the fact that Pakistan is an industrial country and most of the development of Pakistan is depend on the industry. So PM Imran Khan said today that the future of Pakistan is dependent on industrialization. 

Further, he said that that his government was now concentrating on defendable growth as well. So it is a very important thing and a good thing is that our leader concentrates on the industry.

So as our industry area began to developed day by day then our country would be path in development. As soon as possible our beloved country would be a developed country.

You all know very well that there is the launch of Rashakai. So PM Imran Khan declaring the business launch of Rashekai Prioritize especial Economics Zone in Nowshera. He said that the production of wealth is not possible with industrialization as well.

So this is a very good thing that PM says about the industry a very important topic at this occasion. Because at this occasion there are sitting very popular and well-developed businessman. 

So after listening to it they must be able to invest in industry area as well. This is obvious that if they are all invested in it then our industry area would begin to the path of development.

This is the fact that China is our good friend and at many difficult times. China supports us much so this Economics Zone comes under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and this is a good thing for Pakistan.

Because China has a developed country and makes more progress to develop more and more so we can retain the most from their development as well.

So this is a good opportunity that China also contributes to it and China always supports us. Pakistan also supports and about 90% of Pakistan import from China so that’s why the Pak-China friendship is long life forever.

This is the reality that in foreign countries especially in Western countries. There are still old traditions of industrialization. So the prime minister addressed that. Industrialization in Western countries is still now old traditions as compared to now.

But in Pakistan definitely could not be learned from it. But besides their China has advanced and well-experienced staff in industrializations.

PM further says that the retelling that Pakistan could learn too much from its developed and well-managed staff. This is true that China is a good friend and perfect neighbor as well so Pakistan could be the thank of China and it deserves also.

This is important that Pakistan is also an industrial country. So PM Imran Khan also alerts the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. So by an eye of the economic zone as well and further he said that people are anxious to purchase this land.

Don’t trade these lands as well so at least these lands must be on cheaper rates as compared to before. So this trying to understand that these lands must be sold at the most cheaper rates.

When you run an industry then you must be a wide range of land required because an industry covers a lot of lands. So he declared that trading the land would make it twirl into real estate.

It raises its price as well. It is clear that when the prices of land at the top then industries are not able to manage anything. All the things are out of control so the chief said that he wants the land that is used by those who would be wanted to all the set-up all the industries as well.

As mentioned earlier that Pakistan is an industrial country so by an eye of it replying on the requirement for accelerating exports. PM Imran further said that previous governments did not concentrate on this area.

Further, he also said that How can we raise our treasure and if we do not circulate to the world as well? and we even can not become wealthy by trading some crops such as sugar, rice, and wheat. 

But after some days many other crops are also will be discussed later. Because there is the rule that when you doing developing then it takes many efforts as well.

As mentioned earlier that China is very expert in the industry so PM addressed that China served a special awareness to exports as well and further we have been also never served any special awareness to exports. 

Now further he said that today this Rashakai economics zone is a very large chance for adding that controls that need to given a special choice to industries in the base of export as well.

So now Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and if we want to be a well-developed country then we must focus on our industry so we will be soon a developed country as early as possible.

As mentioned earlier that there is more industries should be planted in Pakistan as well so this possible only when a well-managed businessman invests in it by purchasing land and after this, there are plant more industries.

So we have not been got rid of many things in their way and a man will set-up business only for profit obviously and don’t form any kind of charity. 

It is just only the job of the government to get rid of any things from any banker’s path as well and this is true that when most of the bankers are also invest in purchasing land for industries then more and more industries are developed there.

Our country should be on the path of prosperity and would be a developed country.

While addressing PM again gave the example of China he said that in China there is cheap labor due to other facilities that have been given. 

Now by the eye of it, we are also trying hard to give them facilities. But in our case, there is the only problem is that we need to remove some things which are disturbing while investment and many other things which depend on the plant any plot or a building. 

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