PTI flip all burden behind normalized electricity for the Kohistan

Credits: Twitter


When you are the leader of one’s country then you make some rules and regulations for the development of our country. So PTI says that the Lower Kohistan region segment has declared.

It will be the aid of the command of the Kohistan segment joint assembly for power supply at a normalized rate due to the poverty rate of this region.

So that’s this step must be taken as soon as possible as well. This is also true that when a big facility is given to a region. Then this also rules that other ones are snatching automatically. 

So PM says that it would not help by drugs cultivation and cutoff of the anti-polio struggle this is doing. 

Because of giving this big facility of electricity as per mentioned earlier. When a big facility is given to a region. 

Then it will be responsible of a senior person of that region is that whether the people are facilitating with it or not. 

So PTI senior vice president of Lower Kohistan region says that journalist in Pathan area today. The electricity worker should glory of its agreement. 

This agreement for the supply of normalized electricity from the Dubaer Khawer hydropower project to the citizens to stop them.

So look is that what happened to the people of Kohistan that what is the reaction after using this facility. 

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