Salman Iqbal highlighted the huge problem before the rest of the HBL PSL 6

Salman Iqbal highlighted the huge problem before the rest of the HBL PSL 6
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You all know very well that PSL 6 was stopped in March due to Covid so the remaining matches would be done soon. The officials said, Now recently some days before the officials say that the remaining PSL 6 matches would be done in DUBAI. 
But today Karachi King’s owner Salman Iqbal learn to light on a huge problem. The Pakistan Cricket Board and other companies faced staging the remaining PSL 6 matches in the United Arab Emirates.
So let’s see what happened but I wish nothing would be wrong done and the remaining matches would be done successfully.
This is the age of social media now one’s who delivered their message put their message on social media platforms. Or in news so on speaking to Khaleej Times.
Salman Iqbal Sahib hailed the UAE government for cooperating with the entry of all cricketers. Their coaches and practical staff from India and South Africa as well. This is such an important issue that whether the UAE would be able to provide a friendly environment or not let’s see.
You know the condition of Covid in India now is very critical so by an eye of it Salman Iqbal says that. There was a huge problem that we had to face with the audience that. They coming from India, South Africa, and those countries which are in bad condition by Covid.
If they are all coming then you know cricketers, coaches, technicians, staff. The government has been tremendous in cooperating with all of them even they are coming from different countries as well. 
It’s quite inspiring and satisfying actually and this is so good thing if the protocols of UAE are excellent. Without any mistake would be done then OK let’s do the remaining PSL matches as soon as possible.
So when it decided that the remaining PSL matches would be done in UAE then. The government of UAE must follow all the SOP’s so Salman Iqbal also disclosed all the details in concern with the occasion schedule. 
The restrain period for all the teams upon entrance in UAE because SOP’s are our first and last priority. In whole this event and I hope very well that all are doing good.
Salman Iqbal says that the schedule is done that the 1st match would be played on 5th June 2021 so It will be 20 days quarantine and the other foreign players mostly they are flying to Pakistan to join all the teams. 
Some foreign players will be fly and land directly to Dubai and then going to Abu Dhabi for quarantine and the remaining matches will be done there and all peoples are exciting to watch these tremendous matches as soon as possible.

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