The line between PML-N and PPP against the opposition leader is deep


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This is natural that in politics there is always be not good relation between 2 opposition parties. 

So, there is a continuous scuffle between the 2 main opposition parties (PML-N & PPP) on the meeting of Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. who is the leader of the opposition in the Senate set up after some days?

When PPP announced that it would not bear Shehbaz Sharif as the opposition leader in the National Assembly. If Mr Gilani was not bear by the PML-N in the upper house of Parliament. 

I think it’s true that no one wants to do that our party person will be gone on another side so it’s damn right.

So you all know very well that the main issue is in PML-N so its opposition party(PML-N) leader Syed Naveed Qamar says that If the PML-N and the JUI-F conclude that not to allow the opposition leader in the Senate. 

Then we will also be strained not to accept the opposition leader in the National Assembly. which is I think good because this is natural in politics that if you are not in me then who are you!

Now, these days you know very well that these 3 political parties(PML-N, PPP, JUI-F) are trending. So the PPP leader’s declaration came among reports that the PML-N and JUI-F have decided not to admit Mr Gilani as the opposition leader. 

And set up a new block on opposition seats in the Senate. This is a fact that PML-N doesn’t upgrade after the Nawaz Sharif scandal.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is the senior vice president of PML-N so after the scandal of Nawaz Sharif. It is the duty of Mr Abbasi that he handle all the situation of his party now. 

So the decision was made by the 2 parties during a collaboration between PML-N senior vice president and JUI-F secretary general Mulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri in a meeting last night they all discussed many other things also. 

For example, new vice president, handling of someone properly PML-N these days and many more things.

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