The name of Shahbaz Sharif merged now in ECL

Credits: Twitter


This is the fact that there has been long term discussed topic of ECL that whether the name of Shahbaz Sharif merged in ECL or not.

So, the Interior Ministry has been willing to add PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif to the ECL after the agreement from the Federal Cabinet yesterday. 

After all the investigation there is conclude that Shahbaz Sharif is innocent now. Now when Shahbaz Sharif will be able to join their party or not? 

This will be confirmed after few days according to Ministry of Interior sources. This is a fact that without Minister Shahbaz Sharif will not allow to join any party.

Everyone has their assistant must that he reminds of all the work that doing today. So a committee of the federal cabinet had been suggested involving Shahbaz Sharif to the ECL. This is the point that the federal cabinet is the assistant of NAB as well.

There is also hear from sources that Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid says that Shahbaz Sharif may argue for a review of the decision within few days so wait and watch.

NAB also says that the ministry will be made a settlement within few days of receiving a request for that form. Also says that that the PML-N leader must be pop up in that meeting but this is possible only when NAB allowing to do that.

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