There has been no reduction in the number of Covid-19 deaths in Islamabad and Rawalpindi


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You know Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and so beautiful and peaceful city in the whole country. 

So Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been observing a reduction in Covid-19 cases for the last some days. 

There has been no break-off in the number of deaths from the virus because no one care properly. 

So this is a very bad thing people should follow all the SOP’s and stay safe and healthy and save millions of lives.

Since no one follows SOP’s properly in these two cities. So there are many cases developed every day in the last few hours Islamabad appeared 179 new cases as compared to 183 a day earlier before.

While Rawalpindi appeared 54 people reducing the virus against 67 yesterday. I don’t know why people don’t care about this virus till now, this virus takes millions of lives in just a few months.

Since this virus is too dangerous and spread all over the world in the air in few months. So many of our famous personalities also lost their lives so 2 officers of Islamabad were also died yesterday due to this virus. 

These are 2 men and their age will be 60 plus and they belonged to Chak Shahzad and Sohan and this is such bad news for us. 

Because they both are good at their work and work always very well every time.

Due to less carelessness of people, there are thousands of people are prey fall of this virus according to recent reports of medical staff.

3097 cases were developed positive by Covid in few hours and just Islamabad there are 94 men and 86 women who prey fall of this virus. 

These counting will remain the same if we didn’t start following all the SOPs properly.

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