Twitter allows users to be eligible for ad tracing under the new rules of apple’s app tracing

twitter new policy

The new Twitter ad tracking prompt.

This is the age of social media now in these busy days one thing that is still trending is social media so, Twitter has a new update. Twitter’s explanation before you decide whats best:

Keep ads relevant to you by allowing Twitter to track data from other companies on this device, like apps you use and websites you visit.

It has started asking users to eligible ad tracing under Apple’s latest app tracing rules. This is also true that technology is more efficient day by day.

This is the fact that everything has its expiry or new version otherwise it must be only a wastage. So Twitter updating to version 8.6 which adds more things such as (Spaces). 

These things support much to users and Twitter users will start watching a popup that verifies them to remain ads applicable by allowing Twitter to trace data from other brands including different kinds of apps and websites and other brands and all other social media handles.

The reasons for developing any technology is to easier work and fast also. So by tap (Continue) on the popup menu, you will redirect users to the actual app tracking rules and their settings. 

where they can asking that App not track or allowing tracking this. If you don’t allow this then simply exit this option at that time but if you allow it then it will keep tracking as well. This is such a great technology.

This is the fact that the Apple company is much different from Android so there is also the difference in their functioning. So Apple needs apps to ask for user authorization for tracing purposes since the release of iOS 14.0. 

But Twitter did not allow support for this function until recently happened. but before some years twitter does not allow to keep ad tracking app. 

but now it allows on Apple’s company and in recent times it will be executed on the Android version as well.

Twitter is the latest and very decent app as compared to other ones. So messaging of Twitter about ad relevance is more likely to less concentrated than the other ones. 

For instance, Facebook and Instagram embrace an alarmist scheme of recommending that ads are being the social networks free of cost. But in Twitter, it may be changed or some other strategies that may applicable be in this social media handle.

It is natural that when a new technology is introduced in the market globally then no one uses it properly everyone wants to just check it. 

So according to a new report, 95% of peoples left app tracing to disable with only 5% of iPhone users in the US daily opting for tracing after updating iOS 14.0. But might possible is that after some months this ratio will be changed enough. 

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