After this virus hockey is back again in Pakistan

After this virus hockey is back again in Pakistan
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You all know very well that there was everything stopped due to Covid. All the industries, schools, colleges, vehicles, sports as well. 

So there was a tournament that was started before Covid and didn’t complete due to this virus. But now conditions are under control and vaccination doing a large amount. 

So there is good news for hockey players especially for those players who were in participating in the five-a-side tournament. Because this tournament will be resume in August.

Pakistan Hockey Federation has declared that all the conditions of this virus are now under control. The players who participate in this tournament must be eject vaccine. 

When they come there for the tournament then first the doctors check whether you eject the vaccine or not. If you will not eject the vaccine then you will be disqualified from this tournament. 

Your time starts now, you have just 45 days. On 30th June everybody comes there and checks whether you eject the vaccine or not. 

If you did not eject the vaccine then within no time you will be disqualified from this tournament as well. 

A vaccine has come just for you all the people and that’s also the right decision that nobody can go abroad without ejecting vaccine. 

Because this is a fact that millions of people died in a year from this virus.

This is a fact that there were many national hockey matches held in Pakistan before this virus. 

So after this tournament, Pakistan Hockey Federation has decided that the national hockey championship held in various cities after this tournament in August. 

But in these, all tournaments might possible that audience should not be involved due to further reservations. 

This is a fact that vaccination ejection is still increasing day by day and half of the work is done but still we don’t take any risks. 

Now conditions are under control and we must continue it still the conditions will be as before this pandemic. 

So this year may be all the tournaments should be done without an audience. 

Further PHF said we didn’t feel sad about this that the audience should not happen there but we can’t do anything. 

You all just wait for some months hope so very soon the conditions will be normal as before. 

But at that time there is a strict order and anyone doesn’t follow these rules then the government should be the strict action for that person.

Maybe that person got to jail for some months or maybe got a fine. These are all rules applied only for you before this virus there is nothing as such rules. But now you can’t fight with nature.

You just must follow the rules and pray to God that stay away from this virus and plz God should be finished this virus.

This is the fact that this virus gain more people infected and many died. So you all know very well that Bajwa is the head of PHF and he was also infected by this virus some months. 

He said that I am now completely well. But this virus should be painful. When I was infected from it and went to quarantine very well in my home then whenever I was taking breathed then I got the pain in my lungs. 

I was really scared and I was infected with the flu as well. This flu is bitter hard as before, I got a high fever. The fever was very hard and I can even difficult to open my eyes.

So please I request you all that please take this virus seriously and this is not a joke. Please follow all the SOP’s and follow all the rules as well.

Please be patient for some more time, some months for you, for your family, and your country as well.

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