Ashfaq Hussain said that all the players of Football must be focused only in their skills

Ashfaq Hussain said that all the players of Football must be focused only in their skills
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Football: You all know very well about the last few days there was fighting in between football players. 

So by the effect of this, there were a lot of football parties made in between all of them. This is now not a good thing. 

Because you are the football players you only play the games and should be proud of and representation of your country. 

In sports, there is no need for politics just you play football well and show your best performance ever always. 

There is recent fighting among football players and the reason is don’t know anyone. But the main thing is that you should not fight or speak hard words to anyone ever.  

Football: You are a good football player you just play well, live happily and be happy to others. But this is not a good thing that you fight for any reasons.

You all know very well when a 15 football members person lives together for a long time and play together. 

Then there are a lot of mistakes and might possible there are a lot of misunderstanding in between them.

But does not mean that you will be started fighting. First, you are a human being, you have sense, you do whatever you want but within limits. 

Because when you cross the limits then you pay the price. There is only loss in fighting for any side. 

You should be got a severe injury, you should go to jail, you should be paid a fine as well.  

Football: But if you have some patience and solve any problem or difficulty with your sense and talk. 

Then it will be a huge benefit for you, there is nothing gonna be loss ever from any side. 

But instead, if you won’t fight then you should take a little chance, but there is definitely a loss in fighting for any side.

There are a lot of examples when a huge problem is solved by talking and sense. 

Let us take an example, a few days ago there is a problem rises in Pakistan Football Federation.

When the problem was raised then anyone doesn’t know the reason but when the players fight then it will be known to everyone.  

Now if when a problem was arises and you should solve it by talking and conversation then anyone doesn’t know this news. 

Football: But now by hearing this news the youth who wants to be a footballer they are all now disappointed very much.

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