Due to Covid, Pakistan blocked flights of about many abroad countries

Due to Covid, Pakistan blocked flights of about many abroad countries
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You all know very well that there was a virus came in at the end of 2019 in China. 

But gradually it dispersed everywhere in the whole world. It destroyed everything, especially the millions of lives.

Till now there are little bit cases that have been present. So that’s why The National Command & Operation Centre has again the block the flights of many abroad countries. 

This is true that no one knows that where the Covid still happens a lot or where it is not. 

This virus is spread through the air and goes into the lungs to damage it gradually. 

This virus is spread through breathing that If two persons meet at a point then if any one of them has Covid. So if he breathes and the other one takes in it got Covid too. 

This is also spread by shaking hands, drinking water from someone’s left little bit. 

This virus is so strong and deadly that’s why there are millions of people who died whole over the world. 

Although vaccination would begin still there is danger. This virus spread to a huge amount of people sit together. 

The cure of this virus is vaccine and quarantine of about 15 days. Moreover, people survive it who have the best immunity system. 

If you eat well in time, sleep in time and work in time then your immune system will be great. You must be hand sanitizer when you go outside. 

You must be drink water as much as you can. Water is very important for our overall health and these days it is also beneficial against this Covid.

Because this virus is hanged in our throat and person can hard to breathe and die. 

But if you drink water every 1 hour then it must be in your stomach and through waste materials, it kicks out of your body.

This is the fact that there were three layers of Covid came. Every layer has a greater impact than the then previous one. 

So government should be made and reserves a lot of vaccines at the fear of the 4th one.

Because 4th wave will be more dangerous than the last three waves. Till now there are a lot of people now vaccinated successfully. 

By the survey sources, there are all people whose age is above 30 are successfully vaccinated. 

But still, the government says that you are must be careful. Vaccination does not mean that you now do everything. 

Because there are still some persons whose age is under 30 they are not vaccinated. 

The further government says that you must follow SOP’s till now and if anyone can’t follow then a strict action must be taken against that person.

That person must go to jail and fine of a large amount. This is all doing just for you please try to understand this is a very critical situation. 

This virus is dangerous more than we thinking you can’t even imagine how dangerous it is. 

You all just follow SOP’s and take precautions, don’t go outside instead of badly need as well. 

You just do all these things for some more days or months. This virus should be finished and it is in your hand.

Because if you take precautions and follow SOP’s then there is nothing another case arises and nature is stable. 

So please pray to God and follow SOP’s if you want to again live a normal life.

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