In Lahore High Court there is the application of disobedience charges against Hamid Mir

In Lahore High Court there is the application of disobedience charges against Hamid Mir
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A few days ago there is an issue of the case of Hamid Mir. He is a well-known person and famous TV anchorperson. 

But today in Lahore High Court there is the application filed against Hamid Mir for the disobedience charges for his address that contains very critical hurtful remarks and claims against the disciplined institution of Pakistan.

This is such a bad thing if he doing that because he is such a nice person and he always talks about justice and truth.

You should talk about those topics in which you also doing very well otherwise not. Because it impacts very bad on others.

Hamid Mir is a very noble man and has a clean record till now. He is a famous TV anchorperson and host in a famous show named Capital Talk.

But some days ago he conveyed a hurt speech in Islamabad called for the liability for the duplicate assaults on a reporter while addressing a complaint against the strike on Asad Ali.

You all know very well that Asad Ali is also a famous personality and a well-known person so he came to the Capital Talk and Hamid talk to him very badly and hurtfully.

Hamid had also alerted in his speech of revenge that if the attacks on journalists continued then there is nothing going to be good for that one. 

He said that anyone has no right to attack any person with or without reason. Our government should take strict action against that person who is even trying to that. 

Because now Pakistan is free from terrorism and there are now finish all the terrorist. Now after some months, Pakistan is clear from terrorism and this is the big and good news ever.

When a case is filed against a person then obviously that person will be scared and that is natural. 

But a case filed against a famous person then this is the more worrying thing. Because he is a famous person and his news will be spread all over the country or the whole world.

So Hamid Mir was also scared he was later pull off the air and said to BBC News that he had been literate by the Geo News management that he would not go on air on 7th June to host his five days Capital Talk show.

But in general, he did the show all week. Hamid Mir also said that the administration asked me to whether explain or explode the speech outside the press.

Hamid Mir also said that I have been always talking about the truth and justice in my whole career as an anchorperson. In general, it is also my good habit that is speaking the truth since childhood and my whole life.

Since Sardar Farrukh is a good friend of Asad and also an anchorperson so he filed the case by Advocate Nadeem Sarwar which is later named the Federation of Pakistan through the Ministry of Law.

This is the fact that by the law every person is equal and every person has the same punishment.

Because by an eye of law this is natural that every person has their rights and no one is the best about their richness or poorness or high status or low status.

By law, every person is equal and giving the same reward and punishment as well so the Ministry of Interior and Hamid Mir as the defendant in that case.

There is a further investigation is continuing to study this case deeply. Because public want to know that a well known noble famous person.

Why he doing this cheap thing in his show live. What intentions in his mind at that time that why is he doing this.

Because he is a well-known nobleman and doing his work with fully attended and honestly. In his whole career, he is not doing such a cheap thing so everyone wants to know that why he doing this.

This case is very critical and very important so this is true that disobedience is a crime against the whole country because in all good manner and developed countries and orderly governments this gain so much importance.

If you don’t follow the rules then you must be the break the law and you have must be punished.

A country can only be in a way of development when all the people of that country should obey the law and follow all the rules.

The honesty and protection of a country or state and its institutions is a matter and it’s very important and is so blessed that no one aims at its disturbance or weakening as well, or directly or indirectly will be tolerated. 

This is true that if you are not honest with your work if you don’t work well then it’s your loss and your country’s loss as well. We should all be honest with our work for ourselves and our country.

This is the fact that sometimes there is a mistake that can happen by the government so in the recent case the government has to abort to a society to a complained against Hamid Mir which is the compulsory duty of the government.

This is true that it’s the duty of any government of that country that should be punished to that person who breaks any law of that country.

The act and inactivity on the part of the government official amount to neglection of duty ordered by the Constitution and law.

This is true that the government has been failed in the case of Hamid Mir but this is understood as a thing that he breaks the law and he was doing disobedience. Hamid Mir also talks hurtful with Asad in a live show and all the public watch that all talk.

As mentioned earlier the federal government was failed to handle the case of Hamid Mir.  

So after the failure, the appeal desired that Lahore High Court directed the government to society a complaint against Hamid Mir through a validated person and this time no mistake.

Now solve this case immediately that what happened there. Just hurry up, solve and close this case. This case is very interesting and gains much importance as well.

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