Last few months ago Covid19 cases has been decreases day by day in Pakistan

Last few months ago Covid19 cases has been decreases day by day in Pakistan
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Covid19: You all know very well that Covid19 is a very dangerous virus and it causes ultimately death. 

In Covid19 you have a high fever, you caught the flu as well, even you can’t breathe well so all these diseases are painful. 

In Covid19 these diseases and symptoms of all these diseases are a must. 

There are over millions of people who died due to Covid19 in the world, and still there also. But now after the vaccination the ratio of dying much decrease as before.

Because when Covid19 started then there are thousands of death occurred in a single day in the world. 

But now there are many decreases as well. Now there is good news for Pakistan that in this country there is a death ratio from covid19 becomes too much low as before some months ago. 

These are all could be possible when people follow SOPs of covid19 and all the rules and regulations. 

People have been following all the safety measures, sanitized well your hands and pray to God. 

If you see the whole situation in the world after 2020 when Covid19 becomes started. 

When the first layer of Covid19 was started then till now there has been a lot of much better low ratio of deaths as compared to other countries as well.

If you want that if Covid19 has been totally finished then you just doing follow a daily routine SOP’s use hand sanitizer, stay calm, do not create panic.

Then it will be hoping that in just a few more months this virus should have vanished from the whole world. 

However there has been doing vaccination to everyone of any age in the whole world. The ratio of death has become very low due to vaccination.

Everybody doing must be vaccinated, if anyone does not do so then strict action taken by that person.

This vaccine made only for you. There are also apply different strict rules if anyone does not get a covid19 vaccine.

These are, you should not be board to flight, maybe your SIM cards that in your CNIC name it may all be block and many more. 

Covid19: These rules are so much important because maybe by fearing these rules anyone gets vaccinated as well.

These rules are applying in the helplessness because the people don’t get vaccination when it may be applied as started. 

But now all the people get this covid19 vaccine by fearing these rules. Because you all know very well that these rules are much important in our life.

If you talk about SIM then it has so much importance, because everyone want to call through their mobile phone and call doing by SIM. 

Now other is you don’t board to flight, you all know very well that everyone wants to explore this world and world tour as well. 

Many businessmen doing there a lot of tours in every month as well.

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