Mahur Shehzad says that finally I reached safely in Tokyo and ready for tournament

Mahur Shehzad says that finally I reached safely in Tokyo and ready for tournament
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Mahur Shehzad said that I really feel safe in Tokyo and I safely landed with my team management. 

This is also true that I a little bit confuse because there is a very tough competition.

There are a lot of teams which will be participating there and all the best teams will be played in this tournament. 

One more important thing is that there is no more Covid there as compared to before. But last year there were very bad conditions and lockdown as well.

But she said that all is well there and nothing to be worried about. But still, there are follow SOP’s and it’s important. 

This virus should be finished by quarantine and now by vaccine as well. She further said that I think all the athletes are now nervous and doing much hard work for the best performance as well.

But try hard all the teams and may the best team win. She said that in Japan the Covid were early vanished as compared to other countries. 

She said that now fear of Covid was gone and I focused now on this tournament. I am trying my best to win this tournament also. 

She said before going to Japan I was fear of this virus. Because in this virus you caught a high fever, flu and you can’t even breathe easily.

You all know very well that Badminton is stamina taken the game and very hard to play and give the best performance very well.

In this game, your hand must be in perfect position while playing otherwise there is a lot of pain occur. 

Your legs are also in perfect position otherwise it may occur severe injury and then a lot of delaying to again playing the game.

Then after being well there is a lot of time to play well and perform outstandingly as well. 

So in these diseases, you can not play well. But thank God there is still no issue of this virus and I hope it does not occur in the future also. 

May this tournament finished successfully and may the best team win. 

She appealed to all Pakistanis and all over the world who supported Pakistan Badminton is that please pray for me. 

Please pray that I won this tournament and bright the Pakistan name. She said I try my best and work very hard to achieve my goal.

But your prayers and support mean a lot to me. 

If someone’s support and cheer to their athlete then that athlete play very well. Their performance is outstanding and that athlete won very well with high remarks.

You know that event, in that event there is a man, he has taken two glasses then he put half glass of water on both.

Then he marks with pen one glass with marked 1 and the other marked as 2. Then he starts harsh and bad words on glass 1.

After some time he covered it with a lid then he saying to glass 2 all the good words and all the good qualities of water then also cover it with a lid. 

After some time he checks the particles of both water of that glass on it. 

He saw the random and worst movement of particles of water of glass 1 and then he saw glass 1 then he saw all the particles are in a good manner and well. 

This event shows that you should be supportive and appreciate to anyone otherwise a huge loss happened.

So be happy, live happily, and work for your country and work for their development. May our country Pakistan developed soon.

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