Parliament member of PTI preserve PM from their opinions on dressings of female

Legislators of PTI preserve PM from their opinions on dressings of female
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PTI: This is the fact that women have a unique attraction, before many years ago many Kings lost their in the cheated by women.

So in Pakistan some days ago there was an issue occur and still there also.

PTI: PTI women leaders approach the preserve of PM and this is the duty of any candidate that he would stand with his/her leader.

This is a good thing, this is the symbol of a good person. But you should be for your leader only on legal work. 

Otherwise, it’s a really bad thing that you should know about your leader and then you will be standing with your leader.

PTI: This is not a good thing, by doing this you should be doing such a wrong and illegal thing. 

First of all, you are a human being, you have sense, you think all about your good things or bad things surroundings yours as well. 

PTI: You should be the judge in a second by looking at a person or after living some days from that person. 

When you live with an unknown person then at that time you do not know everything about that person. 

PTI: But gradually when you with that person then you realize that you know about that person. 

This is natural, our brain sets a mind level of another person on our mind. Your brain must describe to you very clearly that either this person is good and able to trust or not.

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