PM Imran Khan says that the changing in climate is not the fault of Pakistan but it is very dangerous

PM Imran Khan says that the changing in climate is not the fault of Pakistan but it is very dangerous
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In these days of Covid, there is one very important thing and point to be noted is that our atmosphere. Because this Covid also spread in the air so PM Imran Khan said today about our atmosphere and climate change.

He said that Pakistan was between those countries who most at threat because of climate change or disturbance in weather. Even though it granted less than only one percent to the global carbon emissions as well.

This is not a good thing our atmosphere is dirty still now in these days of Covid so government must take a strict action about this changing in whether.

Some months ago PM starts an organization named clean and green Pakistan. So PM also said that there is a special function organized in Islamabad on clean and green sponsoring transformation.

This function was held by the Ministry of Climate Change as a part of World Environment Day.

In this event, PM said that we organized now an organization named clean and green Pakistan and in this event. Our priority is only to clean our whether we plant more and more trees.

We should be banned from plastic, we should be managing the sewerage system of our wastage of raw materials of our homes or factories or industries. We should use fewer pesticides and should be using natural as can as possible.

We must clean our roads, streets and garbage should be thrown in baskets which are put in roads or streets at a suitable distance.

If anyone does not follow these rules then strict action is taken by the government immediately. Because by following these rules it is our benefit and the whole country would be clean.

But if again anyone can break this important clean and rules then that person pays fine and go to jail for some time maybe 2 to 3 months.

In Pakistan, there are huge mountains every and whole year there is the ice that can never melt but in some mountains. It can be melt in May and June so PM also said that we are more in danger than Bangladesh.

Because of the melting of our most of our glaciers. Because by melting there are coming to the flood every year very badly and destroyed most of our part of Pakistan.

But it is not our fault. Because many monsters would be the taking part to the carbon emissions but countries like as accept all the significances.

We can’t fight with nature but we can take some steps that can control these glaciers by melting them and it can be controlled by applying trees. Because trees can block the flood as can as possible.

Every year there is always increasing in the intensity of the weather. So that’s why for the first time in the US President Joe Biden’s administration is concentrating on climate change.

The earlier government did not understand environmental humiliation. This is not a good thing that you don’t think about this serious issue of environmental change. Every year there is a higher temperature as compared to the previous one as well.

Changing in weather is the impact on the whole world and in future. There is also put bad impact on it so PM Imran retelling that if we want to save the future people from the effect of climate change. 

So it is very important to take these steps to protect the whole environment and world which include making the planting trees, national parks, and carrying out all the urban forestry as well. 

By taking these steps we can save our future otherwise it can be dangerous to even breathe well so government should apply these rules and people can follow these rules strictly.

You all know very well that China is a developed country. Because he uses all the raw materials as good as enough they didn’t waste anything so PM said that we also require to utilize all the available sources to higher the number of trees in the whole country.

PM also said that China had also made a new green city. So we can also learn too much from China and this is also true that China was independent in 1949.

But they are now a developed country and Pakistan is independent in 1947 but still is a developing country.

This is the fact that there are a lot of instructions about planting trees so PM Imran Khan admired that this is true that Pantanal had been higher day by day in the country. 

During the last many years besides deforestation. PM also said that recognitions about climate change had enlarged among the public and especially among all the school children and students of all the institutions. 

Because it is in their syllabus and many schools doing other activities. In these activities plantation is one of them and it is the very important thing that our new generation know about the importance of trees and plantation as well.

If our environment is good and whether is normal then we will breathe healthily.

But if our environment has become dirty then we will become ill and don’t work well so this is the effect of our country’s progress so we will need to take this more.

So that our whole country is concentrated on guaranteeing a better and wonderful future for coming generations so we will be doing something great.

We will follow all the rules as mentioned earlier then our future will be safe and secure.

This is the fact that global warming put a very bad effect on our environment many years ago so people only begin caring about global warming in the last many years ago.

Before that when a person used to talk about global warming then most of the people used to laugh and fun with him.

Still now in the past four years, some developed countries did not take it severely.

This is a worrying thing, we should doing aware of all the world through social media and all other possible ways. If we want to live a happy and perfect life.

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