PTI MNA wanted sorry from PML-N for misbehave with women in National Assembly session few days ago


This is the fact that numerous harsh words are sharing all the political parties.

But a few days ago there was an unusual thing that happened was that PML-N did misbehave with women.

This is a very critical case and very important also. That what is happened at that time and if PML-N did misbehave with women then why they did that cheap thing.

You are all our leader and if you did these cheap things then our youth did more. You are our ideal and ideal didn’t do these cheap things ever.

But police investigate what happened there and why PML-N did this cheap thing.

You all know very well that there was a topic of the new budget came there. So when this budget was presented in National Assembly then this has happened that PML-N misbehaves with women.

The NA convert into a combat zone that day as the opposition and the other present members fight with each other.

This is a very bad thing that event would be blocked there and you were all fighting with each other.

First, you all listen that what happened there then you did any reaction. But doesn’t fighting, you are a human being and you are all mentally normal.

After doing this all the other countries have been laughing at us. You know this is the age of media and a piece of slight news would be spreading very fastly then this is the National Assembly.

You all know very well that in National Assembly there are many cameras and media also there.

So you must control yourself and behave like a good person. You know there is very impact on the short word instead of fighting.

In fighting, there is loss of any sides but when you talk well and short then it impacts a lot with no loss of anyone or any side.

As mentioned earlier that in fighting there is loss of anyone or any side so in this fighting there was also loss happened.

During that fighting, there was a minor injury to the eye of Maleeka Bokhari. She says that there was a piece of hard paper which hit my left eye and suddenly I got too much pain at that time.

Further, she says that I don’t know where it came from I didn’t remember that in which direction it came.

She said that fighting is a really bad thing and it must be a loss that happened in fighting. I don’t understand till now which thing the fighting begins to start.

Anyhow this is not a good thing that you fight at this stage and in National Assembly. Because we are leaders and if we are fighting then what impact did on our youth.

I know very well that after this occasion there is impact bad very bad on all people and especially on youth.

Further, she said that the eye is a very important part of our body as well. If you don’t have an eye then there is nothing in the whole world.

If you don’t have an eye then you go to England or Canada or anything you have nothing. You can’t see all the things and beauty of nature.

So she said that PML-N should be doing sorry for that cheap thing. Further, she said that after apologizes they must promise that never doing this again and again ever.

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