The International Sindhi Congress restrict against the land snatching movement in Sindh

The International Sindhi Congress restrict against the land snatching movement in Sindh
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You all know very well that some days ago there was a controversy against the land in Sindh. 

This is the fact that in Sindh there is still the rich man threatening others by their power and money. They are a really bad thing.

You should be the work together, live with happiness and don’t fight ever in your whole life career. Because in fighting there is always the loss of everything.

But this is continuing still many years ago. Now World Sindhi Congress restrict frightened operation against. Land snatching movement in Sindh after few days suddenly. 

WSC said that now we are finishing all these people who threatened noble people. It’s enough now we take strict action against anyone who does this.

For God’s sake, this is now 2021 leave all those old and bad habits. Be mature live happy do your work sincerely and hard, serves yourself to your homeland.

In Sindh, there are a lot of threatening to occur till now. The rich man threatened old and weak people.

A big example is the Youtuber Raza Samo from the Khujlee family, he also belonged to Sindh he also said in his videos that we got threatened by anyone else. 

So that’s why I struggled hard and migrate from there. Now he is in Lahore with his family safely and lives a happy life.

Further WSC said that we get arrested many peoples till now and we furthermore trying our best that no one can save from us. 

We got anyone grab and should be punished as well. WSC said that there are very dangerous people whose we arrested them.

We got strict punishment to them and make sure that no one can again be doing these activities ever. 

Pakistan is now away from terrorism so we trying our best and must remove these peoples. 

We trying our best that no one weak person would be live in Sindh with fear of anyone again. 

This is very important that we should be finished these people and these bad activities. Because the other countries have been developed day by day. 

Pakistan still grabs in these activities so we must be doing developed our country as soon as possible. 

We should work hard and together so Pakistan can also become a developed country. 

There are many developments in the last some years. But there are still some deficiencies that restrict it from becomes a developed country. 

Every country should be on the path of development and should be developed through the youth.

If the youth of any country would be work hard then that country would be developed so soon. 

Now there is another department that works under WSC, which is the Sindhi Action Committee. 

This department also works secretly under WSC and works hard day by day. With the help of SAC, there are also arrested many dangerous people. 

They both departments are in civil uniform. They work secretly and struggling hard till success. 

You all know very well that those people are very dangerous and clever. So these are must be hidden by seeing the police so that’s why both departments help us very well.

SAC said that we work very hard and in just 1 week we got arrested more than 100 dangerous people of such kinds of bad habits. 

SAC further said that we both companies work hard, secretly doing so till a single person not got punish. 

This is important at all because if we got developed as early as possible then we must remove the crime rate finished.

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