The United States gave almost all the health facilities to Pakistan against Covid

The United States gave almost all the health facilities to Pakistan against Covid
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There are almost 2 years ago Covid takes many lives till now because of the late discovered vaccine. So the United States deployed an airlift of important health facilities. 


These facilities were reached in Pakistan today to help the country battle the Covid epidemic. This is such a good thing that you should help others in their hard days.


If you can do something for others then in no time you just do it. This is the part of life.


In these critical situations, everyone wants help and if anybody can do anything then he just does it.


No matter it’s individual help, country-wise help, or worldwide help. You just do it as soon as possible without wasting a single minute.


Now let us discuss what are these health facilities given by the United States to Pakistan.


In these facilities, there are 10,000 important needed. Most demanded personal protective things for doctors, nurses, and health workers.


Because some days ago Pakistan asks for these important facilities furthermore is that hundreds of oximeters and other types of equipment which is used in the treatment of Covid patients.


These types of equipment include vaccine, Covid kits, gloves, KN 95 masks and other surgical face masks, and all other things which Pakistan needed for treatments of Covid patients.


Further US government said that if you want more help then ask us without any hesitation.


You know all very well that this virus destroyed everything in the world either the lives or other resources but till now Today the United States carry on our prominent collaboration with the government of Pakistan.


The US till now helps Pakistan very much as they can do it. They stand in our fight against this virus. Besides this, they also further ask for again help then just tell us without wasting a single minute.


They further said that Pakistan is not solo in its fight against the Covid. The government of Pakistan thanked him very much.


US government said that we aim to be peaceful in the world. People enjoy their life with no fear everyone lives a happy life as before this virus.


They further said that this virus spread through breathing and many people live in the world whose are belong to different countries in the world.


So this is must do that as soon as possible this virus would be banished from our world. In the US also there are many people till now living who are belonging to different countries.


So that’s why we try our best that this virus should be finished as early as possible.


This is the fact that when you should treat the Covid patients then there are a lot of types of equipment required so Washington has been allocated more than $40 million to Pakistan for the reply of Covid aid.


In these facilities, there are contributions of 200 ventilators. These ventilators have cared for those who are prey fall from this virus.


Ventilators are required much because of problems in breathing. This virus is a direct attack on the lungs, damage them immediately. 


So person hard to breathe and death occur. In developing countries, there is always a shortage of these ventilators due to their high cost.

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