There are about 1 lac PakVac doses which is willing to use soon

There are about 1 lac PakVac doses which is willing to use soon

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Since corona is still increasing day by day so a great step taken by Pakistan. It is that today there is initiated an antigen processing plant. It is starting to providing about 1 lac doses of PakVac which is manufactured from the condense of the Cansino vaccine.

Whereas the World Health Organisation(WHO) has confirmed the emergency use of the Sinovac vaccine. Because there is always be a backup and always be ready for any kind of situation.

This is also a good thing that Pakistan is too safe from this virus still now. As compared to other countries and this year Pakistan also recorded a very low positivity rate since a few months ago of this year.

Whereas the company Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan indicates the Pfizer vaccine. It had been recently reached in Pakistan.

So the National Command and Operation Centre declared the entry of another 5 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine.

Now, this is called the real and good backup and we should be proud of our country because this is a great step.

There is always the fear of Covid ever in future also so there is the starting ceremony of PakVac was detained. It is at the National Institute of Health. It was organized by the Minister for Planning, Development, and the Special Initiatives Asad Umer. 

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister. It is on the Health Dr. Faisal Sultan and NIH Executive Director Major General Professor Amir Ikram. The Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong as well. 

Now, this is an important thing that this PakVac are also be vaccinated to the people. As soon as possible and soon this Corona Virus will be finished ever and I hope very well that never be again come this type of virus.

Now I am telling about the ceremony that what is happened there and what are the discussions are discussed there so by the explanation of the members of that ceremony. 

Prof Amir Ikram said that there is about 1 lac doses were prepared for use and try our best to produce 9 lac more doses that had been procured as soon as possible. 

He said that there is an organized clinical trial with the CanSinoBio in Pakistan and also made a consensus with it for the transferring of the technology.

He also said that we have been trying to manufacture as many as 3 million doses in every month as well as the whole raw material in future and this is very good thinking that does not waste it and again use it as possible we can use it. Because it is usable and we need it too much in future.

This is true that if anyone doing a great effort then he is a good and a successful person so Prof Ikram said it was a huge success as the vaccine was manufactured by an antisera production plant 

It is a Good Manufacturing Practice and highly qualified staff and it is also verified by the International Organisation for Standardisation. Now, this is sure that this vaccine will be finished well with this virus, and life would be again in a normal state.

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