There is a big news, now ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will be held in Dubai

There is a big news, now ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will be held in Dubai
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You all know very well that there is a very critical situation till now in many countries due to this Covid. So Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani said that the next Men’s ICC T20 World Cup will be surely located in Dubai. 

Because of the very bad condition of Covid in India. This is the fact that many people are dying every day in India due to Covid.

Because there is a lot of virus in there. This virus is now out of control in India. Till now the situation of India is very bad. 

So that’s why this decision was taken by officials that all matches of T20 World Cup will be played in Dubai. 

Because the officials said that health is our priority, you know very well that PSL postponed last year and this year also due to Covid. 

So that’s why matches will be played after some days but the main thing is your players and their performance.

This is the fact that in Covid the symptoms are flu, coughing, difficulties in breathing.

So in these diseases, a player cannot play well and if anyone gets Covid then it must be the whole squad and all management and officials as well. 

As compared to other countries there is very little Covid in Dubai, till in the beginning.

So after a long discussion, there were decided that T20 World Cup will be held in Dubai. But in Dubai, there is no issue of any virus till now.

But is also true that all players and team management should follow all the SOP. If anybody doesn’t follow then strict action must be taken against that person. 

This is also the fact that every country wants that the big event will be held in their country so before this virus. 

When ICC announced that Men’s T20 World Cup will be held in India then India will be very happy.

But there is a virus came which destroy everything in few days. So this is also true that BCCI had wanted some more time from the ICC before taking the last call that the World Cup will be held whether in India or not. 

But after long waiting, there is still no hope of World Cup hosting in India or not. But now BCCI also said that nothing is going possible to held World Cup in India this year. 

Further BCCI said that this is very painful for us that this year T20 World Cup will not be held in India as per schedule due to this virus. 

We are all very sad and all fans of cricket are also sad now after hearing the news of shifting World Cup 2021 from India to Dubai. 

Most of the fans are now literally crying after hearing this news. 

That’s also true there is the dream of every cricket fan that the bid event of cricket should be held in this country

In this situation when it was decided that World Cup will be held in India. But suddenly this virus came and destroy everything and destroy all the dreams of fans of Indian.

BCCI said that now we hope very well that this World Cup should be finished successfully without any further issues. Best wishes with this big event and full support.

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