There is a combat between football groups for rupees in the accounts of PFF

There is a combat between football groups for rupees in the accounts of PFF
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You know that football is not much popular game in Pakistan as compared to cricket. Pakistan is a developing country. 

Every year there is a make budget of the whole year of every department.

There is always a low budget make about sports so there is the problem of money every time. Till now there is a problem in accounts clearance of football accounts.

Leader of Pakistan Football Federation Ashfaq said that. Vice president of Pakistan Football Federation. Naveed Haider has against the step of the appointed the FIFA. 

To PFF Normalisation Committee people who are always there for any queries and other issues. 

They go to court to seize the accounts of PFF but there is still one thing which does not understand that why this happens suddenly.

Everything was normal and nothing can be heard as such news of football as before it. Let’s see what happened police investigate what happened there.

Why committee members seeze their accounts. There are a lot of questions but gradually we have to receive all the answers and our doubts should be cleared. 

But the fans of football are disappointed to hear that news. All the public is also worried about PFF.

This is the fact that today is the age of social media and WhatsApp is one of the biggest sources of communication and social media. 

It has 5 billion downloads on the play store application. Throughout it, we communicate our secrets chats 

So Laura said that I was a message through Whatsapp to FIFA official who supervises the PFF NC affairs as well.

Because this is the serious issue that why the players are fighting. Then Naveed said that Shahid Khokhar is the PFF Normalisation Committee member. 

He has categorized a legal action in the Court of Civil Judge Lahore to restrict the bank accounts of the Pakistan Football Federation.

Now there is a twist that abroad countries should be taken interest in this case. This is natural that Europeans are very much fond of football.

In Europe football is a very famous game and emotional too. You all saw many people during the match that they are weeping and crying for his team. 

Europe also says that football is the game of emotions. So that’s why Laura is interested in this case. She was also a fantastic football player.

PFF said that we are glad to know that you are interested in it. This is an honor for us that you would be interested in this case.

You all know very well that if a big case happens in the country then it directly goes to the special government officer. 

So this is also a big case. So this case is gone to barrister Haris Azmat. 

He is also a member of the PFF Normalisation Committee. Haris Azmat is professional in his work he immediately describes all the things about this case as soon as possible.

It is shocking to know that on one side FIFA does not acknowledge the election of PFF agreed upon it. Now all eyes on Haris Azmat that what he described after investigation of all this case. 

Who will be guilty and who will be the victim. This is all know so soon as early as possible. 

Now all the football players and the public wants to know that what happened at that place. 

What are the major reasons behind their fighting? But this is a bad thing that you fight with others. 

In sports, there are a lot of unusual happen but that does not mean that you start fighting with others.

This is not the symbol of a good player. Please be patient, live happily, and work hard in every field of life.

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