There is a good news for Badminton players that Toro Badminton playground constructed completed in Mardan

There is a good news for Badminton players that Toro Badminton playground constructed completed in Mardan
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This is the fact that there is little scope for Badminton in Pakistan as compared to other sports. 

One of the best Badminton players is Mahur Shehzad. So as the wish of Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan who is a good supporter of Badminton. 

He is a great man and he pressured on government that playgrounds for Badminton should be constructed as soon as possible. 

He said all games are important, every game has its various benefits. 

So he said that the International standard badminton hall at Girls College Par Hoti near Mardan. Toro Playground under PM 1000 playing facilities finished in near Mardan.

His effort makes a good thing is that this wonderful playground of Badminton should be constructed completely. 

After completed it Mehmood Khan thanked the government and said I am very happy to hear that finally, this playground was completed.

He further said that I am visiting it so soon and thank God my efforts give me fruits very well.

It was the day of Sunday, I was sleeping then suddenly my phone was ringing and my friend tells me the news of this construction finally completed. 

At that time I am very happy and bought some sweets then eat myself, whole family and friends.

This is a fact that when a big project or government project has been completed soon. 

Then there are a lot of formalities which is doing immediately so this was explained by Project Director Prime Minister Murad Ali.

Murad Ali is a Prime Minister of project director, he has all the authority of doing any projects where the need is required. 

After completing any project he talks to the media and shoots the location for proofs. 

So he is talking to a media person during his visit to that location about the overall pace of work on the completed project. 

Also, those projects on which currently construction work continuously. 

Murad Ali said that I am always our work very well and I never regret it. I aim to develop a perfect Pakistan where any buildings or any projects look beautiful and strong. 

I try my best and work very hard. This is a stressed responsibility and I am doing this happily for my country’s development.

Because whenever new projects develop then our country should be in the path of development as well. 

When new things and new projects would be made then there are a lot of people who work there and get the salary. 

After developing a project, if it is a shop then our business would be developed and if it is a school then our future would be developed.

You all know very well that when a project would be completed then a special person and team would be check overall. 

If it passed successfully then that project would be done as publically otherwise not. 

So Murad Ali said that the Director-General Sports and Secretary of Sports have checked all the project overall quality of work. 

During their continuous visits to various ongoing schemes to ensure healthy playing all the facilities to both male and female. 

They had shown confirmation over the pace of the whole overall work. After doing all these formalities it has been passed successfully. 

Now players will able to play there without any issues. Now Mehmood Khan said that this is another good news for me and players.

Further, he said that now I request to the government that match should be held there as soon as possible.

I am very excited to watch live at that location on that wonderful ground. I am ensured that players would also be very exciting to play there as soon as possible.

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