There is coming the Kabaddi match series of Pakistan and India in this year

There is coming the Kabaddi match series of Pakistan and India in this year
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There is a piece of big news about all Kabaddi players and fans that after some days there will be a series of Kabaddi match which is held in this year so soon.

You all know very well that Kabaddi is a very famous game in Pakistan. Everyone wants to play this game and this game is playing many years ago.

This is the fact that when there is a match between Pakistan and India then it will be interesting every time.

The people of Pakistan and India are watching the match between Pakistan and India very interestingly. Both pray very well about their team.

But this is might possible that this match will be played without an audience. If so then people will be so sad but this is the fact that you can not fight with nature.

If anyone can not follow the rules and trying to break them then the government will be taken strict action on this. This is doing just for you all players.

Please try to understand millions of people died in the whole world from this virus. If you don’t follow SOP’s then might possible thihs match would be stopped and postponed.

Because health is our priority and if again cases increase then the 3-match Kabaddi series should be stopped and postponed as the PSL.

So please try to understand keep calm and try not to create any rush. This match should be feature live on TV.

You should pray that this virus should be finished soon and life would be again in a normal state.

You all know very well that there were a lot of cases of Covid in April 2021.

So first Pakistan Kabaddi Federation General Rana Sarwar said that they had willing to doing this match in April 2021.

But when he saw so many cases then he said that due to Covid and lockdown issues this match will be held now last of this year or so on.

He further said that our priority is the health of all players and all people.

People should be had patience and pray that may this virus should be finished soon and never come back.

He further said that in Kabaddi there is one is very important that is your physical health and mental also and one more thing is that you breathe.

In this game, your breathing rate is very important. This virus would be acting on the lungs so now you should know that what I am trying to say.

I also want that this match should be done in April, but please try to understand by doing so there is a huge loss.

You can also already seen a lot of loss in the whole world.

So please be patient and pray that this virus should be finished soon.

This virus is so dangerous and deadly. The wait is better than death. I am telling this all after the conversation with Pakistan Kabaddi Federation.

This is the final decision and everyone has been agreed on it.

He further said that I know very well that many of the Kabaddi fans should be disheartened by hearing this news of this postponed.

But they must be trying to understand these critical situations. I am also sad to telling you of this postponed news of Kabaddi.

But I am not do anything about this. You can’t fight with nature but pray for everyone.

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