Amazing news for Pakistani people, Dubai removes Covid-19 vaccine certification

For Pakistani people, Dubai removes Covid-19 vaccine certification
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Removal of Covid-19 vaccine certification

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Covid-19: You all know very well that there are still some cases of Covid-19 that stay everywhere in the whole world. So it is necessary to get the vaccine while you traveling to another country otherwise you don’t board your flight. 

So there is a piece of big news came that Dubai has removed its demand. All Pakistani people must get their Covid-19 vaccine certification to indicate by any Foreign Office and the Dubai embassy. 

It is somehow true that overall in Dubai there are fewer Covid-19 cases as compared to other countries. Like England, Italy, India, etc. This is also the fact that there are now about no cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan so that’s why Dubai taking this step now.

Decision of head of both countries: This is the fact that this decision was very crucial for everyone so this decision must be taken by the head of both Dubai and Pakistan campaigners. 

So that’s why both Dubai speaker Mr. Zahid Hafeez to Pakistan campaigner Mr. Hamad Ubaid had been confirmed that. This news is confirmed that the Pakistani people now can board all the flights to Dubai. 

They both said this also in their official social media platform that is Twitter. After that, this news has gone viral in whole over the world especially in Pakistan and Dubai.

Mr. Zahid Hafeez who is the owner of the UAE Embassy and flights organization said that Pakistani people just need to be taken only the vaccine certification which is providing by your NADRA Office. 

Because this is necessary that by doing this we are confirmed that people have no issue with you and you are also satisfied with another one. Now, this procedure is done lifetime and yes this is also a more important thing that Covid-19 is not finished. 

Precautions: So that’s why these are all precautions we take that are very necessary for everyone. You know very well that Covid-19 take many lives and other huge losses also happened. 

There are now a lot of people who are now unemployed due to lockdown. The peoples who earn money on daily basis they are also affected very much. Because in lockdown you just live in your house and can’t go outside.

As mentioned earlier that this decision was so crucial because by doing this someone’s guaranteed of life of other people. You all know very well that this Covid-19 virus is a deadly virus and millions of people already died from it in a year. 

So that’s why the officials of UAE had to take to the Government of Pakistan to need all people from 1st of August to get their vaccine certification approved by the head of UAE embassy compulsory at any rate. 

Defaulters: If anyone doesn’t do this then strict action is taken against that person by the government of UAE. Because these are all precautions just for yours and if you don’t follow all these rules then you must be punished very well. If you cross the limit, you pay the price.

This is purely confirmed news because the head of UAE posts a letter on their social media platform and news of Dubai as well. In that letter, clearly shows that Pakistani people can travel and visit Dubai with no disturbance. 

But you should follow all the rules as mentioned earlier, otherwise, you are responsible for everything. Because we warn you before it’s too late. Human life is our priority and then remaining all things. There are already many people who died from this Covid-19.

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