Amazing Kabaddi match At Darianwala near Narowal, the ARMY team won the Kabaddi match against WAPDA

At Darianwala near Narowal the Army team won the Kabaddi match
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Army Team and Wapda

Kabaddi Match

  • Kabaddi match near Narowal
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Kabaddi match near Narowal:

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You know that there are starting the kabaddi matches at Darianwala which is near by Narowal for many days. 

There are a lot of teams which are participating in this tournament. This is a very famous game in Pakistan since many years ago and still this is one of the best and very a famous game in Pakistan especially.

Pak Army vs WAPDA: Yesterday, there was a special match held between Pak Army and WAPDA. After the very interesting match Pak Army won by just only 1 point from WAPDA team.

No doubt both team played very well this is one of the best thrilling match every player did their best and showed their classic performance but there can only be a 1 winner.

You know there is now starting summer and that day also very hot day so the players smacked each other during the flaming heat and the viewers cheered them for engaging tricks.
Fans: All the fans who was standing there also fell currency notes. The match carry-on for a little some time and the Army team at last was announced winner from WAPDA team.
There was very tough competition and very thrilling as well. At a single last minute no one knows that who actually won this match. 
All the fans were really enjoying very much. Many people watching this match by very far places and especially hiring cars and buses for just watch this match.

Prize distribution: This is the fact that in tournaments there must be one thing is prize distribution ceremony. 

So the officials gave a cash prize of 3 lac rupees to the winning team and 2 lac rupees to the losing team as well. The main point of prize is just keep going morale of players that next time they played more and more well till success. 

Sports are also important for our mental and physical health but make sure that game is safe for you or not.

For example if you played at just age of 10 or 15 then this is not a good thing you must be hurt very hard. Safe play, stay safe, keep health well. 

Since is very famous and emotional game in Pakistan so there are a lot of fans of this game as well. 

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M. Anwar: Muhammad Anwar whose age is 90, he said that he was very happy to see the traditional game in his village. He said that I am very fond of this since his childhood. 

I saw many matches interestingly since childhood and still now also. Further he said that when I hear the news that the match is being held in our village tommorow. 

Then I am very happy and I can’t sleep well due to overloaded happiness. The match started at 9 am of morning but I reached there at 8 am of morning. 

Because I never miss a single scene of any match and this is in our village and live in front of me so how can I miss this brilliant opportunity.

He further said that there are a lot of difference in this match and the old. 

Because in those days, the game played with power and strength but nowadays the Kabaddi played with smack. This is true that as the time travel there are a lot of changes occur in every field of life. 

May be it may again changes occur after a while. But the fans are still there and they increases day by day.

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