Azad Kashmir election 2021: Maryam Nawaz said that PML-N definitely win the Azad Kashmir election 2021

Azad Kashmir election 2021: Maryam Nawaz said that PML-N definitely win the Azad Kashmir election 2021
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PML-N may be win Azad Kashmir election 2021

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Azad Kashmir election 2021: You know very well that there will be doing the Azad Kashmir election 2021 so there are all political parties doing meeting with people on a national level due to demanding of casting vote for that party.

So Vice president of PML-N the Maryam Nawaz said that she greeted the passion of the people of Azad Kashmir for appearing at her Jalsa yesterday in such greater numbers as well. She said that this shows that many people love PML-N till today.

We are also tested and successful in every age of our leadership.
This is the fact that there are now a lot of supporters representing PML-N and this shows that may PML-N wins Azad Kashmir election 2021.

Surety of Maryam Nawaz about winning: Maryam Nawaz said that I am pretty sure that this time in this region of Azad Kashmir. Because last many days whenever I make Jalsa then there are a lot of people gathered.

This shows that all people love PML-N very much. This is natural that if you love someone then you will be meet with him as soon as possible. So there are a lot of people who were listening to Maryam Nawaz at that place.

While addressing Azad Kashmir, she said that the world had observed during the last few days that the people of Kashmir had given their decision in recommendations of PML-N.

This is natural that there are always larger supporters of PML-N every time just because we work very well. We make many projects and are successfully done still now. There are a lot of highways and motorways.

Expressways were a very important project which we have done successfully in our leadership of five years. In Lahore, the Metro Bus is another important project which we have done, by this the people save much of their precious time.

Projects of PML-N: People also said that we have a lot of benefits from this Metro Bus. This is such a comfortable journey and fully air condition. The most important thing we have been never late to our offices, schools, colleges, universities, or any other institutions.

This is true that when an election came nearer and nearer than all the political parties doing also in that region where the election was held. So Maryam Nawaz said that PML-N was the only party whose appearance was very much clear in Azad Kashmir.

It has pulled out all other parties left behind. It has been a lot of years that the leadership of PML-N in Pakistan. We have completed all our projects which we said earlier.

In our leadership, their many projects were done successfully and are still now working successfully. In our leadership, there is nearly finished unemployment in whole over the country.

Issues in election: Every time some issues happened at the exact time of election while casting the votes. Maryam alerts the institution and the government of a backwash if according to her they aim to provide the Azad Kashmir election 2021.

This time it should be a fair election with little corruption. If you have a strong political party then you must believe that you will be a win. But by doing corruption, this is such a bad thing.

You are human beings and you have wisdom. Just left behind all the faults and let this election away from corruption and it should be fair enough.

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