Pakistan: Saqlain Mushtaq official said “There is enough difference between Pakistan and India in Cricket”

Pakistan: Saqlain Mushtaq official said "There is enough difference between Pakistan and India in Cricket"
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Saqlain Mushtaq overview's about Pakistan and India cricket teams

  • Recent cricket series
  • Comparison of Pakistan and India
  • Strategies in cricket match

Recent cricket series: You know very well that there were recently cricket series occurred between India vs Sri Lanka and Pakistan vs England where both teams performed very well all the matches were thrilling.

So Saqlain Mushtaq who was also a good spinner of the Pakistani team, said that there is a lot of difference between Pakistan and India as cricket teams.

He said I watched all the recent matches of Pakistan vs England and India vs Sri Lanka then by watching all these matches. So I conclude that every team has its qualities even every player has a quality that differs you from others.

He said that there is a lot of pressure while you playing not at home at this way Pakistan has been pressured a lot because there are a lot of series that occur not in Pakistan.

Comparison of Pakistan and India: While India has benefited a lot due to many series occur in India so you can’t compare Pakistan with India. This is natural that when you playing in your country then the pressure is on your competitor.

But when you playing outside of your country then obviously the pressure is on yours. Pakistan mostly plays outside of country.

There is also no peace in Pakistan and no more danger in there so I think now teams can visit Pakistan without any hesitation.

There was a recent match that occurred between India vs Sri Lanka in this ODI series India win series of 2 matches out of 3. So the facts are in front of you.

I know India is a good cricket team and their record history is remarkable but this is also a fact that there were a lot of matches held in India. Which is the India team wins easily due to their struggle also but home advantage is still matters.

Because you have not so much pressure while you playing in your country.

These are all the facts of India now if we discussed team Pakistan then it loses the recent series from England by 1 match out of 2 matches in England.

Now the proof is in front of you all it is clear that you can’t compare the Pakistani team with the Indian team even you can’t compare any team with any other team.

Strategies in cricket match: In a cricket match, there are some strategies that matter which is team management. Team struggle, ground condition, pitch condition, and the most important thing is that where the match has been held.

This is also true that there has been a lot of cricketers who are now ball like a leg-spinning by the wrist.

So Saqlain also said that all the cricket teams were not depending on a specific off-break bowler in ODI matches and T20I only.

Because these bowlers have taken more wickets and their economy is also good since last some years.

So definitely every team wants to win and if its winning strategy depends upon a leg wrist-spinner then why don’t do it.

On the other hand, if you all see that in Test match there are off-spin bowlers who are now on trend for many years. Due to their best economy rate and highest wicket-taker.

So Saqlain also said that I noticed since the last few years that all the off-spin bowlers have taken more wickets. Then others and also win the match due to these spinners.

So all the teams pick that all the bowlers in Test match just because of that they just won the match before T20 World Cup and ODI World Cup 2023.

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