Female badminton players of Pakistan feeling strange in a caring community

Female Badminton players of Pakistan feeling strange in a caring community
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  • Female badminton players issues in Pakistan
  • Successful journey of Mahur Shehzad
  • Ranking of Mahur Shehzad in Badminton
  • Demand of Mahur Shehzad
  • History of Mahur Shehzad
  • Golden words of Mahur Shehzad

Female Badminton Players

Female Badminton players issues in Pakistan: This is the fact that in Pakistan there are still many issues about women, that women can’t do this or that. In some areas, women can’t even go outside their whole life. 
So Female badminton players in Pakistan are getting identification instead of the many dares that​​​​​​​ they have been accepted.
When it comes to controlling a firm gender normal and a lack of obtaining to any training facilities of any field. This is a bad thing because these days women can do everything but within limits. 
When you cross the limits, you pay the price then either you are a man or woman. As per rules and regulations of any country, the man and woman are the same things in the way of justice.
Successful journey of Mahur Shehzad: You all know very well that when we talk about Badminton then it must be relatable with Mahur Shehzad, she is a shining star and proud of Pakistan. 
She won many of our awards in National and International level tournaments. Now she is in Japan and after some days there will be started Olympics as well. 
She will be playing Badminton there and try hard to win again and making feeling proud of Pakistan. She never regrets Pakistan, she performed their best every time which is a very tough thing. 
She said Badminton is not only a game for me, it is everything for me. I dreamed that I played Badminton for Pakistan at an international level and God fulfilled this dream.
She is a hard worker and a very talented sportswoman. Her performance never let down in her whole career, still, now she performed fantastically. 
She is the first-ever nation badminton player to select for the Olympics because her ranked are very good and she can play Olympics. 
Ranking of Mahur Shehzad in Badminton: In the whole world, she ranked is among the top 133 women players. This is an honor for her and Pakistan, her all achievements are remarkable. She deserves a lot of awards as she works hard and with honesty.
You know due to Covid there was a huge loss in the whole world and there was also lockdown in whole over the world.
Demand of Mahur ShehzadSo Mahur said that last year I am invited to different international sporting events but she was not to attend all those events due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well. 
But she said I dreamed that I am playing in Olympics, to representing my country Pakistan. I think it’s an honor for every player that he/she plays Olympics for their country as well.
History of Mahur ShehzadIf you know, who you are? If you know your talent in time then you succeed immediately. So Mahur knows her passion very soon and she took participate in badminton at the school level at the age of just 11 years old.
Golden words of Mahur Shehzad: She said that in whole my Badminton career my dad supports me a lot at any stage, either school level, district level, either national or international level, my dad supports me now very much. 
She further said you should do knows your work very soon and then doing hard work till success, your parents must support you as well. 
But before you prove one thing that either you should know your profession or work, either you work hard or not. But one important thing is that if you should work hard then you earn a lot of things not only money.

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