FIH gives Oman the right to host Hockey 5 matches

FIH gives Oman the right to host Hockey 5 matches
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Hockey World Cup

Hockey World Cup 2021: You all know very well that there is the tournament of hockey came but the main thing is that where had been held this tournament. 

So recently Pakistan Hockey Federation announced that this will be a short-term tournament of just 8 days so that’s why this tournament will be held in Oman. 

Because in whole Saudi Arabia country there are fewer cases of Covid as compared to other countries. After a long discussion with officials, it has been decided that this tournament will be held in Oman.

Hockey World Cup in Oman: The decision of this tournament in Oman is taken by a long and deep discussion. The Head of hockey said that we were taken this decision after analyzing all the situations of the whole world.

FIH Executive Committee has given hosting to Oman rather than of three other countries, Pakistan, India, or Singapore. Because in these countries there are a lot of covid cases.

Covid-19: Because in India there is a very bad condition of Covid, Pakistan is still struggling to host the next tournament of hockey.

Singapore is also trying harder to schedule the next tournament in their country. Because when you doing a hockey tournament in your country then there are some requirements to hold this tournament. 

Requirements of Hockey World Cup: Head of hockey describes some requirements that must be fulfilled by that country which is held in it.

The Head of hockey declared a special announcement that in this tournament there will be participating 16 teams as well. 

All these 16 teams will be ready for this tournament and follow SOP. Further, they said that if anyone doesn’t follow SOP’s then strict action is taken by the government of that country where the tournament is held. 

Although there are very few cases in Oman still you all must be careful. Because life safety is our priority rather than others.

Because tournament can be delay more and more but if there is loss of anyone’s life then it must not be able to refill that loss.

CEO of FIH: Hence this confirms that this hockey tournament must be held in Oman so the CEO of FIH Thierry Weil said that I am waiting for an amazing opening ceremony of this tournament in Oman. 

He further said that it surely will be a good improvement for the promotion of hockey in the whole region. 

We are all satisfied that Hockey will be playing a key role in the improvement of hockey in the whole over the world. 

That’s why this Hockey World Cup has been generated as well as a Hockey World Tour which we are recently hardly working on. 

All the hockey fans and players will have a notice soon with the FIH Hockey and this event especially.

President of Oman Hockey Association: Now let us describe the overview of President of Oman Hockey Association Captain Talib Al Wahaibi said that I am very happy and excited. 

We will be surely accepted this amazing event to deliver the first-ever FIH Hockey World Cup happily. 

We will start all the preparation and requirements from now in urgent. We will be very thankful to the Head of the hockey department that it consider us to do this event in our country. 

I believe that all the requirements will be done in time. According to recent reports, half of the requirements would be done and the remaining will be done after few days.

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