Mehwish Hayat has shared a secret post about her recent dance video gone on trending

Mehwish Hayat has shared a secret post about a recent dance video
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Dance video of Mehwish Hayat

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  • Mehwish Hayat thanking her fans
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Fans of Mehwish Hayat: You know very well Mehwish Hayat is a wonderful actress and a famous Pakistani star since many years ago. She has a lot of fan following on her different social media platforms as well.

Recently she did a beautiful dance at a party and upload that dance short video on her social media platform then it has gone viral and spread whole over the country like a fire so after some hours she shared another secret post and thanking all her fans for viral her dance video so much.

Mehwish Hayat thanking her fans: She thanking her fans in a romantic and sweet mood. She said that I am nothing without you all guys than you so much for supporting me till now. I also care about you all. Today I am a star is just because of you and my hard work.

Mehwish Hayat is one of the best actresses and she won many awards in the entertainment industry as well. Now her fans shared his short dance video very much and by doing this her fans gave her love very much.

Trending video of Mehwish Hayat: Because her short dance video gone on trending within some hours. She said that even I can’t believe it that how is it possible that a short video went trending within some hours. She said that it proved that my fans love me very much by heart.

Because the follower is that person who follows you on every social media platform and everywhere as well. I am blessed with my true fans. She says that I love my fans very much.

This is the fact that if a star wants to talk with his/her fans then it will go to Instagram to attend a live session or after record video then posts on it. So Mehwish Hayat also thanks her fans by posting a picture in which she sits beside a wall and The Mood of Love put on it by lighting.

It looks charming and she also captioned on that picture that I am nothing without you all my fans. You got me viral again by that short dance video as well.

You are all guys’ gems. This is also true that the most important thing for a star is his/her fans. Because he/she today made a star by these fans if all the fans do unfollow him/her then what he/she does. So that’s why the real power of a star is only fans.

Other actors spotted: There is another news that came that the short dance video of Mehwish Hayat was expressed that she was in the function of Mehndi. Because her dress looks like that and other female dresses were also like that she was definitely in a function of Mehndi.

These are all rumors by her fans most of their female fans said that we know very well that a female dressed in a Mehndi, Barat or Walima or another party. So that’s why we are pretty sure that Mehwish Hayat is in the function of Mehndi. They are all said that she looks gorgeous in this dress. She blesses with beauty very much.

There is another big news that came that in that short dance video of Mehwish Hayat there are spotting another actor as well Mr. Yasir Nawaz, Mr. Adnan Siddiqui, and many other rising stars are spotted there.

In that short video, there are a lot of comments in which people said that wow you see Mr. Yasir, and yes I see Mr. Adnan, yahoo I see Mr. Adnan clearly, is that Mr. Yasir. These are some comments which I described to you very clearly and point to point.

You may also see the comments on that video. I think it’s must be the wedding of wedding their friend or relatives. But they are all enjoying it very much as that video clearly shows.

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