Members of Parliament said that the Government of PTI has focused on businessmen of Karachi

Members of Parliament said that the Government of PTI has focused on businessmen of Karachi
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PTI Govt. focus on Businessmen of Karachi

  • Businessmen of a country
  • Pakistan is an agricultural country
  • Visit of Mr. Aftab Siddiqui
  • Abnormal Budget

Businessmen of a country: You know very well that the businessman of a country is the key of that country. Because they are all trying to prepare new projects in their country so there is automatically development arises. 

Many people get a job as masons while constructing a building and other workers also whose carry other materials. So an MPA of PTI Mr. Khurram Zaman and a Member of the National Assembly Mr. Aftab said that the government of PTI will not be left by all the businessmen of Karachi. 

They will also appeal to PM Imran Khan and Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen to solve business community problems on a high-priority basis. They will also manage a meeting of cotton traders with the Prime Minister so that they can aware of their issues as well. 

This is true when the businessmen are in trouble of any country then it will be not good for that country. There are many examples ahead. Because businessmen can invest money in the bank and make many projects. Sometimes they also deal with foreigners and take other currencies in their country.

Pakistan is an agricultural country: This is the fact that Pakistan is an agricultural country and also known as a golden sparrow. So every crop can easily yield there with no disturbance. So now there is the cultivation of cotton crops. 

They showed these views while saying a meeting of the Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association. To talk about the budget abnormalities. Mr. Farhan Ashrafi who is the Vice Chairman of PYMA took Member Provincial Assembly. Mr. Khurram Zaman, on a trip to the Old Area, markets and informed them of the dirty streets and all the street lights after the recent heavy rainfall.

Yes, some areas of Pakistan are still there, where the streets are not well and some houses are not made with cement. But these people are hard workers, they cultivate the cotton crops and more crops also in summer or winter. We should support them because they deserve so much.

Visit of Mr. Aftab Siddiqui: This is natural that when you see an odd thing and you have also the power to repair it then you must try to do that so after watching these dirty streets, and lights as well as houses Mr. Aftab Siddiqui said to Farhan Ashrafi to mark the streets of this Old Area where exactly they will repair these streets, lights, and houses as soon as possible. 

He also declared to get new street lights and put them in these streets. I will again check it after some days, if you don’t do that then strict action taken against you. We are all doing this just for your safety.

This is a very bad thing that still now there are these streets, lights or houses which are not well. I am very disappointed to see that all the scenes, this is awkward. I can’t see more, this should be repaired in some days I will check soon.

Abnormal Budget: You know that there is still issue occur that is the disorder in the budget so MNA Aftab Siddiqui while saying the budget abnormalities in detail in the meeting said that he was a good member of the Finance Committee so he will aware the PM and the Finance Minister about all the facts of budget abnormalities, and play his full role in solving the issues of cotton traders. 

By doing this we are all work together and then this issue will be solved early as soon as possible. Otherwise, if only I can handle this issue then I am saying to you clearly that it has taken more time and the issue can be more complex even we can’t imagine it. 

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