Wow! There is another brilliant new Pakistan Kabaddi stadium

Wow! There is another brilliant new Pakistan Kabaddi stadium
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New Pakistan Kabaddi Stadium

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Pakistan Kabaddi: There is an amazing news for Pakistan Kabaddi is that there is another new brilliant Pakistan Kabaddi Stadium in Lahore. You know that Kabaddi is a very famous game and it is a traditional game of Pakistan.

So this Pakistan Kabaddi stadium will be constructed with about a cost of Rs.10 million. While the government is also observed to allow the use of all grounds of schools, colleges, and other institutions after study.

Games are very important as well as study. Kabaddi is a healthy game and it is necessary for everyone. In this game, you will be practicing your body as hard work and brain also for winning techniques.

Chairman of Pakistan Kabaddi: All the credits go to the Chairman of Pakistan Kabaddi because he is trying hard and take this step of constructing a new brilliant stadium of Kabaddi.

So this was declared by Chairman Standing Committee on finance and economics affairs Faizullah. While declaring the ceremony of a medal awarding of Pakistan Kabaddi.

This is the fact that when a man doing great work for the nation or world so then he will be awarded by many medals for cheering that person. So this is also great work and hard work that you construct a brilliant stadium in these critical situations.

In these critical situations, many industries are shut and many businessmen are also now in a difficult situation. So it’s a great thing that you should take this hard step and you successful also in that work.

As mentioned earlier that there is a lot of struggle by the Chairman of Pakistan Kabaddi. So the committee members and his team was doing their best to struggle to keep alive this traditional sport of Pakistan as well.

Since many years ago Kabaddi is one the famous game which is played by all the Pakistani people very interestingly. Pakistani people say that this is not a game, this is an emotion of all of us.

Every Pakistani kabaddi fan is now very happy about this new brilliant Pakistan Kabaddi stadium. Many people say that Kabaddi is now back in Pakistan and this is a good thing.

You should never leave your culture ever because it is your identification. So we must promote our culture in every field of life.

This is the fact that if someone constructs a project then after that the main work is the maintenance of that project.

So Chairman of Pakistan Kabaddi said that practically all the reports of these grounds were under discussion. He said that 2 more sports complexes may also be added in that way to involve youth in healthy sports training.

It is also very important and necessary for every young boy or girl. He said that the land has been available at both sides of hockey stadium and cricket stadium, it would also be added to Pakistan Kabaddi Sports Complex.

Upcoming Kabaddi Tournament 2021: These are all shows that we have enough land and budget for sports, now this depends on youth that either they interesting in all these things or not.

Because sports are just for youth, not for old people or children who are not even walking well. If the youth does not play there then obviously these lands converted into many other things. Such as malls, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

There is another news that came forward that Gold Cup Kabaddi tournament would also be organized there soon.

Because most of the maintenance has been done and after some days it will be finished then the tournament happen there.

All the Kabaddi fans are very excited and even all the players are much more excited now after the news of this Gold Cup Kabaddi tournament.

This is the dream of every player that he/she would be played a tournament for their country and win.

Pakistan Kabaddi players: In an interview, all the Pakistan kabaddi players said that we are ready to play this Gold Cup Kabaddi tournament in this new brilliant Pakistan Kabaddi stadium.

This is true that in Pakistan there is not enough development for Kabaddi as compared to Cricket.

But you know very well that Kabaddi is our traditional and cultural game since before independence.

So, Ehtisham Javed who is the President of FCCI, said that Kabaddi is a traditional game of this country but unfortunately neither. We could resolve some important issues nor add more interesting things as compared to abroad.

Pakistan Kabaddi Federation: Because in abroad Kabaddi is now a very developed game and many things are changed in it. You know this is a modern age so abroad there is much development in this Kabaddi game. But in Pakistan, it still doing slow development as compared to those.

So if you try to beat others in a Kabaddi match then you must practice all the players that way and at that type of grounds as well.

In Pakistan, there is another issue of rules, which means government sectors and private sectors. If they both work together then the development of this game should be more early.

So that’s why he said that the government and private sectors both work together. Then we immediately earn a lot of achievement and success even I can’t imagine it.

But for this, all we need to do is that our government and private sectors start working together. Then they see all the results and after seeing the results they would be happy.

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