The 2nd era of CPEC will definitely build a strong relationship between Pakistan and China

The 2nd era of CPEC will definitely build a strong relation between Pakistan and China
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Pakistan and China

2nd Era of CPEC

  • History of CPEC
  • The relationship between Pakistan and China
  • The secret behind the development of China
  • Electricity issues in Pakistan

History of CPEC:

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CPEC stands for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) . You all know very well that there is some disaster in CPEC due to which it was stopped by China but now they reconstruct it again. So the Belt and Road Initiative is the most aspiring worldwide undertaking of this 21st century. 

It definitely shows the thinking and aim of President Xi Jinping to not only carry on the performance and development of China in the last 40 years. 

But also generate a world of shared luxury through increased their CPEC (economic relations). Forget it that why actually stopped CPEC the good thing is now that it reborn again. 

The relationship between Pakistan and China:

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China stands with Pakistan still now and past many years, Pakistan also stand with it still now and also in past many years as regarding to cpec problems.

After independence China builds up many others very well. Now China is a developed country. China’s President said that my vision is to raise not just nations. 

But whole regions out of their low level of value growth and put them on the path of high valuable development and success. China always supports Pakistan.

The idea is to construct upon the historic business corridors of the old Silk Route. CPEC is an important part of this wonderful global awareness. 

The secret behind the development of China: China made also many steps in past also where they found the path of development. They work hard, managing our team, and complete the targeted project (cpec) in time. 

When they try to do something then they definitely do that work in time at any rate. That’s why they are now a developed country and also a powerful country as well. 

The aim of CPEC is to build a strong relationship between Pakistan and China so firstly it started in 2015 the first era of CPEC is only concentrate on the framework.

The longest part of the expense went into controlling electric generation plants and building roads framework. 

After the formation of the PTI, government work carries on at full speed on the framework projects which had been started. At the time of independence, Pakistan stands with China and time passes. 

But Pakistan remains stayed on their goal then China also replies very well they also stand with Pakistan in many hardships. That’s why there is an example of Pakistan and China friendship in whole over the world.

There are many good qualities in China one of them is that they wouldn’t be stopped at a particular work. They are always trying to develop it immediately. 

So there is also a new framework project that was made with a particular role on the western sequence of CPEC. 

It joins the most undeveloped areas of Pakistan with Gwadar and the main urban areas of Pakistan as well. 

China said that this is also gain much importance besides CPEC this it also has an opportunity to develop these areas under CPEC.

Because you know that the work is again started so why not this work is also done. By doing this we and many countries have much easier to trade their and import and export well.

Electricity issues in Pakistan:

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This is truly the main issue of Pakistan is electricity and load shedding so China said that you must be linked to the new government’s prominence on neat energy. 

The power projects based on solar energy like Azad Pattan were developed rather than imported projects of thermal energy. 

Gwadar’s growth has also seen remarkable development. This is a very good thing that China also paid attention to our load shedding because these days electricity has too much importance.

There are many projects which are not done in time due to load shedding. So I hope very well that Pakistan has become a developed country soon.

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