The governer punjab asked Iftikhar Malik examine about his health

The governer punjab asked Iftikhar Malik examine about his health
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Meeting of Iftikhar Malik and Governer

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Governor Punjab: There is another news that came forward that yesterday Governor Punjab Ch. Muhammad Sarwar called on the President SAARC room of the business. 

The Industry and the Chairman United Business Group Iftikhar Malik also to examine his health. This is a really good thing you must be taken care of anyone either he is Muslim or not.

You take care of humanity and if you take care of humanity then God will be happy with you. You will also feel a sense of peace after helping others or by asking about your health or any other else. If you take care of anyone then he must be taken care of you when you needed.

Profile of Iftikhar Malik: When you talk about any business then the name of Iftikhar Malik is top of the list so the governor prayed for fast recovery of his health. 

He also said that the whole nation especially the business group of the company is proud of Iftikhar Malik for supplying admirable resources for the publicity of trade in the country as well. 

He also protects the interests of dealers and the collective sector on high priority. Because if you earn enough in a month and suddenly your all earning gone by any issue which you don’t even understand then what you do at that time.

So security is a must in business and this is too much important nowadays. Because in these the technologies are much develop and there are a lot of ways to stealing money.

Since Iftikhar Malik is a good manager and an experienced person in this whole nation. Due to him, we know that how to start a business and how to run it without a big loss. 

So the Governor said that Iftikhar Malik is the national strength and anonymous patriotic legend of this whole nation. Further, he said that Iftikhar Malik started his own business many years ago.

Iftikhar Malik also said that first I work as a labour in a company when I was just about 20 years old when I start learning and I try harder to succeed in my life. 

It is my dream to become a successful and powerful businessman. So after 10 years, I achieved it when I was 31 years old. I am very happy at that time for my first ever biggest achievement in my whole life career. 

I am also suggesting to all youth that doesn’t give up and try harder to become successful people. There is anything possible in this world but you keep patience and try try again till succeed.

This is natural that when a great person meets you and asks about your health then it will be very honourable for that person. Yes, this is true and natural.

The Relationship between Iftikhar Malik and Governor Punjab: So Iftikhar Malik also said that it is a great honour for me that the Governor meet him and ask for his health. He said I am very happy that the Governor joined me in my pain. 

This is the symbol of a good and Nobel person and yes he is a great personality. We are both close friends also since many years ago. 

He never hurt me and never disappointed me ever. Whenever I ask for help from him he never rejects me in my whole life career.

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