Lahore: Oh! After the leak video, now Ayesha Akram wants Justice

Lahore: Oh! After her leak video now Ayesha Akram wants Justice
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Lahore incident with Ayesha Akram

  • Ayesha Akram
  • Day of the incident in Lahore
  • PM Imran Khan taken notice
  • Registration of FIR
  • Conclusion

Ayesha Akram: Ayesha Akram is a very famous TikToker and according to her statement, she has been making TikTok videos for 2 years. Now she is a really famous celebrity.

Some days ago, as usual, she went to Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, and making TikTok videos but on that day some boys harassed her and try to rape her. Now she wants justice from PM Imran Khan.

Ayesha Akram said that this is not the first time that I went to Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, and making videos but on that day I was caught by some bad boys.

She was trying to remove my clothes and even they were all trying to rape me. But thank God I immediately ran away before they did everything bad for me.

This is such a bad thing, I mean Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This is not Europe please try to understand. If you did badly for someone’s sister then someone also doing bad for your sister.

This is tit for tat. Ayesha Akram said that I appeal and want justice from PM Imran Khan, that he should must punish all those boys of Lahore who were involved at that time.

In an interview, Ayesha Akram said that I have been never wearing vulgar or bad dress ever. I have never been wearing vulgar dress anywhere.

Day of the incident in Lahore: On that day of the incident, I still wear Shalwar Kameez, you are all also watch in a video because that video has gone viral all over the country.

Ayesha Akram said that I have been making TikTok videos at Minar-e-Pakistan since 1 year ago at the proper well dress and on that day of the incident. I also wear Shalwar Kameez but I don’t know why they were all bad boys trying to rape me.

I think these boys are not humans they are all wild animals who just want to prey on others.

Yes, I think she said very well that they were all not humans because they were not acting like that, they were all act like wild animals.

Humans differ from all animals due to their minds and knowledge but if they act like that then they are not human more. Because a knowledgeable person doesn’t act like that ever in his/her whole life career.

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PM Imran Khan taken notice: This video got viral all over the country so that’s why PM Imran Khan has taken notice and make arrangements for the committee.

That he and the committee decided after a long conversation that now what should we do now. PM said that this is such a sensitive case and it should be solved in few hours.

I will immediately take action on this case and I will make sure that those boys got punish in front of all over the country. Because as doing this no one can do again this cheap activity.

PM said that this is such a bad thing that you harass a woman, I mean you are a Muslim and in Islam, there is a greater status of the woman.

Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) gives many rights to the woman in this Islamic religion. But I don’t know why those boys still did this cheap activity.

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Registration of FIR: After this incident Ayesha Akram got fear. But she shows some courage and registered FIR, under sections 354 A, 382, 147, and 149 to harassment, force, trying to harm, and blotting the cloths.

She said that I have never registered FIR, if the video does not get viral but the video got immediately viral then I think I got ashamed well and in the video.

My face is very clear so then why not I got registered for the FIR. By doing this at least other girls will get the courage to fight for their rights. Now I am just waiting for got punish by all those boys.

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There is an incident occur in Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore in which about 400 men were trying to rape Ayesha Akram according to her statement.

Now she registered FIR against all those boys who were involved in that incident. The video got viral enough all over the country so PM Imran Khan has also taken notice of this incident.

He said that all those boys who were involved in that incident got punished soon. Ayesha Akram just wants justice now.

What do you think guys, that what type of punishment do those boys deserve?

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