Top SEO Tips and Tricks that you use are more important to increase traffic

Top SEO Tips and Tricks that you use more important to increase traffic

SEO Tips and Tricks


  • Keyword planning

  • Long Articles

  • Trending Category

  • Design of Articles

  • Table of Contents

  • External Links

  • More Information for SEO tips and Tricks

You may be thinking about, what is the important thing in this article for which such a long article was written. Let’s start

Today I will tell you about SEO Tips and Tricks. What is Search Engine Optimization?

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If you have a website or a youtube channel, you can rank your channel or website by search engine optimization. It doesn’t matter if you have a website or a youtube. If you do social media marketing then you also use this method. If you do affiliate marketing then you also use SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to rank your products.

If you think that it is easy to use SEO then you are thinking wrong. It is not easy to use it. But anyone who understands, this can use it very easily. Many companies use these SEO tips and tricks but the main thing is that they have SEO experts who use these SEO tips and tricks to rank their website, youtube or product selling website.

If you are a beginner then here are some SEO tips and tricks for you. Here are some SEO tips and tricks that are very important. The best thing is that whenever a company ranks its products, it uses these SEO tips and tricks first and then goes to the advanced level.

Choose the best keyword:

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Keyword planning is the most important way to rank an article or product. If you have a news website or channel, then first find the main category of the type of article or video you are creating. For example: If you are writing technology news then choose a related keyword of the technology category in that news. i.e Top 10 mobiles in the world, Top 5 laptops in the world or Top 10 racing cars in the world.

Assume that you choose a keyword (Top 10 racing cars in the world). The first thing to check is whether the keyword is ranking on Google or not. The best tool for keyword checking is Google Keyword Planner. This is Google’s own product. You will get 100% correct results in this.

After that, you check the keyword and find out that this keyword has 1k to 10k monthly searches then check that keyword on google. As soon as you check that keyword on google, you will get more information about it.

When you do a search on Google, you can see people also ask section on Google, so you have to pick a question related to your article and add it to your article. After this method, your article will start to rank.

The most important thing is that you choose the keyword that has low competition which means 100-1k, 1k-10k monthly searches. If you choose high competition keywords, it may take you a long time to rank your article. There are many tools available to check keywords but the best tool is Google keyword planner. I suggest you use Google’s Keyword Planner.

Write Long articles:

Most of the websites have been created but the articles are very short. Your articles do not rank well. Are you think about what is the problem with short articles and long articles? Yes, this is a big problem. When you write a short article, the Google bot checks your article. When Google finds out that your article has been small, it does not value your article.

But when you write a long article, Google also understands what is the important thing in a long article, which is why it has written. This is why writing an article should be at least 1000 words long. Today people have written more than 2000 words to rank your articles.

Choose Trending category:

Whenever you are writing a post on a website, first of all, find which category you are writing a post on, is it trending at the moment? The best way to rank your articles is to check the trends. Most of the posts are written but the category of the post is not currently on-trend. Not everyone knows this trick, but this trick should be very important. The more trending topics you do, the more search on Google.

Design of article:

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Its design is also very important in the ranking of articles. Whenever you write an article, don’t forget to add headings. You have to rank your article because of one of the headings. Most people when writing an article, don’t add headings.

Another important thing is to add the headings that you want to add to the keywords planning method. When Google reads your article, it first sees the heading in it. Your article should have 2 types of headings, Main heading(H1) and Subheadings(H2, H3, H4, so on).

Table of contents:

The table of contents is highly valued in article rankings. If you want to rank your article, don’t forget to add a table of contents. Add 3 to 4 Subheadings to the table of contents section.

Add external links:

Add external links to your article. What are external links? External links are links to other websites that you can add to your article. For example, you write a post. The post was written by you on your website in your own wording. Now that you have written the post, put a link of any of the websites on Google to that article.

This will allow you to find an external link to your article when Google checks your post. After that Google follow the link, you will start ranking your post. The most important thing is that You need to add a link to any website in the article that is trending on Google.

More information:

If you are a beginner you can use social platforms to increase traffic. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t share too much. This is because if you share too much, the link to your website will reach many people. An unknown person hacked the website by following this link. If you do social sharing, keep the focus on organic traffic and social traffic. Organic traffic should be 50% and social traffic 50%. If the social traffic is more than organic then your website can go to spam.

Thank You!

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