Well! US army equipment: Official announcement, All this is within the bid of the OMFV program by the US military through the Lynx team.

Well! US army equipment: Official announce, All this is within the bid of the OMFV program by the US military through the Lynx team.
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Taliban and Afghanistan: A few days ago, a war broke out between the Taliban and Afghanistan, which is also still going on. Therefore, the Main Fighting Vehicle Program is the third attempt by the US military to immediately restore Bradley Infantry vehicles.

Because last time it was a big loss and the mission was not successful. It is also true that the vehicle was very expensive and the US military or others could not afford it easily.

The U.S. military says we should introduce a new vehicle that has these features and is cheaper than that. With the use of this vehicle, we will succeed in our mission without any damage.

The fact is that all scientists have done many experiments since the beginning of this world. So many useful inventions occurred.

Similarly, many experiments are carried out in the army on a daily basis. So in 2018 the U.S. military announced a spectacular plan and launched the NGCV program to restore nearly 3,000 Bradley infantry and amazing fighting vehicles.

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US Army equipment: That same year, the US military also decided that in the future, we would develop the best car in the list of US army equipment that would cost less and with more features.

He was convinced that if we made the NGCV program with the best fighting vehicle, we would make another great fighting vehicle in the list of US army equipment.

Then, at that moment, they started to prepare it. Now, after 3 years of struggle, they are finally building a new fighting vehicle as they had planned before. Now there are some customs and arrangements while making a vehicle. Eventually, the combat vehicle will be fully ready and able to use it.

It is true that when a big project comes into existence, a very large team is required to complete this big project successfully.

ARV team:

So the US military needs the help of the ARV, a team formed by the US military and the government, especially for this new fighting vehicle project under the list of US army equipment.

The U.S. military says that with the help of this team, the project is finally completed within three years, otherwise it will take several years. Because the new combat vehicle project created a lot of complications.

After that, another team was hired, Team Lynx. With the help and cooperation of these two teams, this project is coming to its final stage.

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With the help of these two teams and many workers, including the US military, the struggle of all these people has successfully completed this project.

Director of OMFV program: “I choose both teams because of their strengths and beliefs,” said the project director.

I was confident that this project would succeed with the help of both teams. All the members of these teams are professionals and have been trained for almost 20 years.

I think 20 years of experience is a lot of experience to complete this big project. I know there were still a lot of complexities between making this project but all the trained people and the US military did a great job and didn’t give up hope.

I am proud of them all, even the whole country is proud of them. The director also said that in a few days we will announce a grand party in which I will value all these people.

Conclusion: It is a fact that the US military has been an powerful force for many years, so after the war between the Taliban and Afghanistan began, the US military decided to build more US army equipment for the war. So this is making a new wonderful fighting vehicle.

Will the US military use this magnificent fighting vehicle in front of the whole world?

Let us know in comment section......

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