Thank God!KPK has the lowest dengue death rate

Dengue: Thank God! Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has the lowest dengue death rate this year


Dengue Rate in KPK

There is a good news for KP, that according to a recent report there is record very few cases of dengue. Because some days ago there were too many cases of dengue in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(KPK).

But now everything is under control and now you all should be relaxed. But you must follow all the instructions of doctors.

If you don’t follow all the instructions of doctors then the cases will be increases as before. So precautions are a must. Dengue is a very dangerous disease and it started in 2016.

Now there are millions of people infected and thousands died by this. But now in KP, there are too many low cases, but in overall Pakistan, there are too many cases of dengue.

Some peoples are also afraid to visit the hospital for treatment due to dengue. According to a recent report, there are about over 200 patients who were recovered from dengue in KP in the last 24 hours.

Overall there are about 2000 patients who were recovered from dengue. Doctors and health workers said that if everyone should follow all the instructions against dengue then it will be a great success for Pakistan against dengue.

The administration of KP collab with health organizations and does spray against this at specific areas where it produces.

Doctors also said that don’t go outside in the evening, don’t throw garbage at your streets or near your houses. Don’t accumulate water everywhere.

In KP when will dengue is completely vanished?

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