Price of dollar in Pakistan: Oh! dollar increases day by day

Price of dollar in Pakistan: Oh! dollar increases day by day
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Price of dollar in Pakistan

Today the price of dollar in Pakistan is Rs. 171.70. Might be possible that a further price increase tomorrow. Because last few days there is continuous increases price of dollar in Pakistan.

It means the value of the Pakistani rupee becomes decreases. This is such a bad news for Pakistan.

Because Pakistan is already a developing country and if the value of its currency becomes decreases day by day then it would create a huge problem.

At the start of this month, the price of dollar in Pakistan was 166.87 rupees. But now after 30 days, it increase up to 171.70 rupees. We must increase the value of Pakistani rupees.

If we want, then we must do these things. First, we will definitely export our products more and more and import less. Then we must work here, doing jobs and business there.

We should promote our products everywhere in the world. We must prepare cheap things and should be export more and more. We must be sincere with our work and work hard.

We should create opportunities that foreigners also like to work here. Pakistan is an agricultural country and its land is very fertile. All the people in the world say that Pakistan is a golden sparrow.

So we should also be concentrating our lands. We should try our best that every year the production of our crops must be increased. Then we must use it for us and export well.

What do you think guys in future the price of dollar in Pakistan increases or decreases?

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