The new covid variant (OMICRON) could cause another Global lockdown due to severe symptoms

The new covid variant (OMICRON) could cause another Global lockdown due to severe symptoms
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Omicron variant with severs symptoms

This is true that there were many layers of Covid that came into being, so here is another Covid wave named, Omicron arises. Now Asad Umar is also alert that we have a few days.

After that here is another Covid wave called, Omicron will come in Pakistan. Because Omicron arises in most of the regions of this World. So everyone should be alert.

Omicron variant with severs symptoms

Asad Umar declared a press conference and Dr. Faisal Sultan was also here at that conference. They both said that all people will need to get the vaccination as early as possible. Now you are all people who will get a vaccination so soon before coming of Omicron.

Asad Umar says that this world is connected with each other so how it is possible that we will block this Omicron. So please you all people will have to understand the whole situation and follow all the SOP’s,

Otherwise, it will be your loss and the whole country also. He said that we have no superpower to block this Omicron but we have some guts to prevent this Omicron.

More hazardous than before:

He also said that this is true that this Omicron is more hazardous than the previous one, but you all people will get the vaccination. It is more essential than it. You will be fine after vaccination but still, you follow all the SOP’s and save your country or World as well.

He said that there will be again a grand crusade within almost three weeks. But without your cooperation, we can’t defeat this variant. Please cooperate with us and all the vaccination team.

Asad Umar said that now from today there will be expanding the number of tests Covid test. Also increasing the process of vaccination, just because of this variant.

To Prevent the Spread of Covid

  1. You should always wear a mask.
  2. Keep Yourelf at a distance from others (atleast 1 meter) 
  3. use sanitizer 
  4. keep your home and appliances of daily use clean and sanitized.
  5. Get Vaccinated
  6. Stay at home if you are sick as the chances of you getting infected is greatly increased when your ammunity system is already compromised. 
Omicron variant with severs symptoms

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