Karachi police want a special help from intelligence agencies to rescue the kidnap girl

Karachi police want a special help from intelligence agencies to rescue the kidnap girl
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Karachi police
Karachi police investigators probing the abduction of a teenage girl from Karachi’s Al Falah vicinity. Have sought technical help from intelligence organizations for her recovery. 
South Senior Superintendent of Karachi police Zubair Nazeer Shaikh stated that we’re focusing. Technically to clear up the abduction case of the 14-year-old girl, Dua Zehra. 
The senior officer, who’s tasked with the aid of using the Karachi police government to research the case, stated that the police have sought help. From intelligence organizations and could utilize their tech information to clear up the case.
He brought the Karachi police also are engaging in surveys and feature interrogated numerous people about the hobby. With a crook file or who had been sexual offenders withinside the past.
The Anti-Violent Crime Cell leader stated the Federal Investigation Agency’s, Cyber Crime Wing. Which has information in gaining access to social media groups. Changed into additionally supporting them technologically.
Separately, the FIA’s CCW head Imran Riaz stated that their 4 trained people, inclusive of a forensic expert, and a technical analyst. Female research officer and female psychologist visited the residence of Dua Zehra Kazmi. 

He brought that the FIA made emergency touch with Google, Samsung, and a web gaming platform. 
Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition withinside the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh. Alleged that the Karachi police had now no longer taken the Dua Zehra case seriously.
PTI chief stated that the Karachi police loss of seriousness withinside the case is an issue of concern. Accusing the government of deceptive the girl’s parents.

Sheikh stated the police and the provincial authorities seemed to have did not get better for the girl. The police, in preference to appearing their duty. Had been allegedly worried withinside the person’s assassination of the girl.

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